20 Places That You Want To Visit Right Now

The world is full with wonderful places great views of nature and amazing things made from the man’s hand. In the pictures bellow you can find 20 interesting place from the world that will make you to say : ” Wow i want to be there and sit right now. Look and enjoy!

Tiny boat in Colmar, France

1image source

Hanging cocoon hammock in the Philippines

2image source

Carboat in Switzerland

3image source

 Tiny peninsula in Mykonos, Greece

4image source

 Sea swing

5image source

Glass-walled library in Germany

6image source

Hanging hammock on Dedon Island

7image source

Rooftop hot tub in Gothenburg, Sweden

8image source

Glass floor ocean cottage in the Maldives

9image source

Literally IN the beach at the Lido beach resort in Sarasota, Florida

10image source

Treehouse swing in Granada, Nicaragua

11image source

Cave pool in Satorini, Greece

12image source

Floating bungalow in the Maldives

13image source

Porch in Thousand Islands, Canada

14image source

Hot tub boat in Seattle, Washington

15image source

Statue on the beach in Puerto Vallarto, Mexico

16image source


17image source

Sea restaurant in Bora Bora

18image source

Floating in a swimming pool movie theater , Vali , Colorado

19image source

Dining pod in Soneva Kiri, Thailand

20image source

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