20 Places To Visit in Hawaii

Once you hear a word “Hawaii”, your brain starts tricking yourimagination to draw dreamy images of sunsets by the palm fringed Pacific, stimulating your salivary glands in anticipation of feasting on a juicy slice of fresh papaya picked fresh from a tree; your toes almost feel the tickle of white sandy beaches underneath and your hips start swaying to the rhythms of the traditional hula dance. Hawaii is a paradise on Earth offering ideal escapes for outdoor aficionados, surfers, snorkelers, whale watchers and honeymooners. With so many places to visit in Hawaii, how do you decide where to go?Below we present in no particular order our top 20 selections from this great places .

1.Waimea Canyon


2.Napali Coast 2


3.Hawaii Volcanoes National Park



4.Haleakala National Park Haleakala National Park

5.Polynesian Cultural Center 5


6.Honolulu 6




8.Hanalei Bay 8


9,Pearl Harbor Memorial  9

10.Molokini Crater 10

11.Wailua Falls 11

12.Road to Hana 12

13.Kalalau Trail 13

14.Lahaina 14

15.Akaka Falls Man walking towards Akaka Falls

16.Hanauma Bay

17.Molokai 17

18.Lanai Island 18

19.Maui Ocean Center19

20.Oahu Sea Life Park 20

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