4 Fun Projects To Beautify Your Community

Sometimes the only people who can fix a community are the ones who live in it. Expecting others to do their part could take too long, and if you want to see results now, you need to get started and recruit those willing and excited to help. Start by looking over these four fun projects to beautify your community.

Book Nooks

Reading is fun! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Get everyone on the reading train again and bring back the love of hard-covered books. Start placing book nooks around the community. Don’t just stick with the most populated places; vacant locations also deserve some love—they probably deserve more.

Plus, not only do you expose members of the community to great books, but you also open a door of communication. Sharing books is another form of discussion, and many members will soon start discussing some of their favorites. Or they might even say, “Hey have you noticed these really cool book nooks around the neighborhood?”

Large Murals

What looks better than a beautiful piece of artwork? Answer: close to nothing. Art does so many things to a space. It makes an area beautiful, and it can make people reflect. Think about all the locations around the community that have abandoned buildings.

Are they due for destruction? Who owns them? See if it would be possible to paint a mural. Plenty of local, talented artists want to get their creations and names out there. Help them with their recognition and offer an opportunity to showcase their work.

Community Gardens

Community gardens perform more than one benefit. They make a space look beautiful and provide healthy, fresh produce for many families in the neighborhood. Plus, community gardens are shared spaces that bring people from diverse backgrounds together to support native plants. Consider planting plumeria flowers to add fragrance and cultural significance to the garden.

Many think a community garden is impossible because there are no parks nearby. Communities can plant a garden using various techniques without needing to dig up the ground. Repurpose an old dumpster and make it into a giant container garden—establish several around the community!

Words of Encouragement

Everyone needs a little word of encouragement every now and then. Life is hard, and sometimes, it feels like things won’t get better. A simple phrase letting someone know they matter could make all the difference to them.

Start a word of encouragement campaign and collect old boards and other materials to start writing slogans to brighten up someone’s day. Ask members of the community if they want to help and target the areas that you think need the most love. Remind people that sometimes you must go through the rain to get to the rainbow. It’s not easy, but it’s certainly worth it in the end.

Make beautifying your community a fun project for everyone involved.

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