How a Home and Leisure Store Can Help You Add Style to Your Backyard

Your backyard can be an oasis of relaxation and pleasure. No need for extravagant features like waterfalls or in ground pools – your backyard could become your go-to summer spot!

Delineating areas in your garden by using various landscape materials and furniture can create the illusion of more space, as can adding dramatic planting arrangements that draw the eye away from its cramped dimensions.


As part of your outdoor space design, it can be easy to overlook your pool; however, an attractive swimming area can become the center of attention and act as the centerpiece for evening gatherings in your yard.

Finding the ideal backyard pool design depends on both your needs and yard size. For smaller yards, consider creating a plunge pool surrounded by a small garden instead of patio; this style of pool allows a lounge area near water without being too close to swimming areas.

As another small backyard pool idea, consider installing a fountain that emerges from the water. Not only will these bubbling features look beautiful and provide soothing sounds when lounging around by your pool, they provide another relaxing spot to spend your time.

Add modern flair to your backyard pool by choosing a freeform shape with curved walls. This design emulates the look of a spa on a lake, making it even more effective when combined with tropical plants and fire pits.

Consider your landscaping when deciding the hue for your backyard pool. Take into account colors from nearby trees and flowers; for example, if there’s a flower bed full of vibrant pink blooms nearby, why not incorporate that hue into the concrete of the pool or cushion fabric of outdoor furniture cushions.


A barbecue is an essential feature in any backyard, whether as part of an outdoor kitchen or simply standing alone as an attraction. Combine it with a fire pit for additional seating or stargazing!

Make classic barbecue dishes such as ribs and hamburgers for backyard gatherings, or experiment with something more unusual like skewered grilled vegetables. Serve in stylish serving dishes and provide guests with condiments so that they can add their own personal flair.

The right accessories, like serving trays, can help make your barbecued food ready for a party. Whether you are having a few friends over or plan to host a neighborhood barbecue, you can find the supplies you need at a home and leisure store near you. You can check online before shopping to be sure they have what you are looking for.

Comfortable Seating

Creating cozy seating areas in your backyard is one of the best ways to transform it into an extension of your living space. This will encourage family time outdoors. There are countless options available that fit every style and budget!

When designing for small spaces, consider creating a multi-level seating area. Consider utilizing outdoor dining tables, loungers and sofas to maximize the space while providing multiple gathering spots – plus when temperatures soar, this area can even be shaded with a canopy for additional comfort!

If you have a larger space, try adding a fire feature to your seating area for some added ambience and to act as the centerpiece for a seating area where a coffee table and chairs will sit comfortably. You can learn more about how to start a fire by clicking the link.

If privacy is an issue for you, add plants to your seating area in order to create an intimate retreat. Perennial grasses can easily absorb noise and look beautiful when moved by the wind; or use taller plantings in the form of walls in your backyard oasis.

Outdoor Furniture

An outdoor living space isn’t complete without key furniture pieces that complete it, such as comfortable lounge chairs, stylish coffee tables, dining tables that seat six or more, an accent bench or table, throw pillows and potted plants that add color and texture to define the space.

Outdoor furniture must withstand UV radiation, rain, wind and other adverse weather conditions to remain durable and cost-effective. Click the link: for more information on UV radiation. The frame material plays an integral role in its durability and cost; different frames may perform better at handling certain weather conditions than others.

Made from sustainable wood that lasts years without being overly costly, acacia wood has the durability to last decades and costs much less than teak.

Stronger than both plastic and aluminum, metal can be easily formed into different shapes by being heated in direct sunlight and left exposed to moisture. Steel can make for an excellent heavy piece as it’s sturdy yet can still be designed into intricate patterns – however it may be expensive and cumbersome when transporting. Check with your local home and leisure store to see if they offer delivery.

Summer vacation is a great time to host events at your home. If you are in need of an upgrade, visiting your local home and leisure store can provide an affordable way to upgrade your space.

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