5 Essential Elements of Design For Creating Effective Logos

Your business logo serves as one of the most prominent pieces of your public-facing marketing collateral. In most cases, it appears in all of your print, digital, and video advertisements.

Your logo also functions as a mental shorthand for locking your brand in a customer’s mind. Effective logos use a variety of design elements to make them memorable and easily recognizable.

  1. Color

Color provides tremendous and often near-unconscious power to communicate simple ideas to customers. For early-stage businesses, you want colors that dovetail with your overall brand messaging.

Bright colors can convey a sense of fun or whimsy. Colors like black or cool blue speak to stability and reliability.

For established businesses revising their logo, you want colors that match your existing color scheme.

  1. Simplicity

A good logo doesn’t communicate everything about your business. It’s symbolic. Good symbols rely on simplicity.

For example, you can use a stylized version of the first letters in your business name. Alternatively, you can rely on a simple version of an image, such as a lion or castle.

Simple designs also prevent a muddled image when you reduce the size for use on a business card or letterhead.

  1. Font

Your font selection– if you use type — should also support your overall brand message. An old, established business might go for an antique font. Newer businesses often opt for a sleek, modern font.

Your area of business can also influence font choice. A bank might pick a sturdy-looking font to bring stability to mind. A video game company choose something a little less formal.

  1. Scalable

Your logo doesn’t just go onto your business card. It can appear anywhere from on your website to physical billboards. That means you need your logo in a scalable file.

Specifically, you’ll want at least one version of your logo in the scalable vector graphic format. This format allows you to blow up or reduce your image size without loss of quality. You can typically use a free logo maker or paid graphics editor to export in the SVG format.

  1. Symmetry

The human mind finds visual symmetry appealing. This means that an effective logo design will create balance across the visual field.

That doesn’t mean the logo must offer perfect symmetry, such as a circle. This means that your logo doesn’t look or feel lopsided.

Creating Effective Logos

Effective logos lean heavily on the elements of design. The elements of design help create a logo that communicates the essentials of your brand message.

Some of this communication happens by careful color and font selection. Some of it relies on creating a memorable, visually balanced image.

On the technical side, you also want a scalable image. Scalable images let you use your logo not only on business cards and letterheads but in all of your ads and marketing materials. You can always try and search for some graphic design software free download.

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