5 Modern Car Styles You Shouldn’t Miss When Purchasing A New One

The prospect of buying a new car can be exciting but should also be taken with due consideration. Given your budget is already considered and set, there are also things you need to consider regarding the type of car you should be buying. The car should best fit your lifestyle and driving needs. For example, if you are an office worker and a family man who wants to have a car suited for the two purposes, you can go for a sedan, a sport utility vehicle (SUV) or a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV)/multi-utility vehicle (MUV), depending on your family size and activities.

Other things to consider are dealerships and a reliable auto transport service. You may need to look from place to place to get the best deal out of your chosen car, and sometimes finding the best car dealer takes you several miles away. Thus, an auto transport service that is personalized, dedicated and easily accessible should be included in your list. There are several modern car styles out there to choose from, and we can start off with five.

1. Hatchbacks

Hatchbacks are gaining traction in car sales during the past few years. These types of cars, find favor among younger drivers due to easy accessibility and sleek design fit for on-the-go lifestyles and city cruising. The common definitive feature of hatchbacks is the rear door, which serves as the third or fifth door, depending on the car’s size or design. The space near the rear door can be utilized for passengers, cargo or both. Volkswagen GTI, Honda Fit, and Ford Fiesta are just a few models to watch out for this year.

2. Sedan

The sedan has long been a popular choice among car styles or types. Also called a saloon in the UK, cars of this style are commonly seen as having four doors and a typical trunk. On a technical detail, this type features a 3-box configuration with each of the boxes designated for the engine, passenger and cargo, respectively. Its aerodynamic and spacious design makes it well-loved among car users. Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, and Hyundai Elantra are some of the car models you can include in your sedan list.

3. Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

SUVs are large types of cars fitted on small truck-like chassis, giving them a sturdy, durable design fit for off-road and city drives. These cars have high ground clearance, spacious seating and high load carrying capacity, which makes them suitable for leisure and outdoor use with the family. Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer and Chevrolet Equinox are a few examples of SUVs you can find in the market.

4. Crossover (CUV)

The crossover utility vehicle (CUV) combines the features of hatchbacks or station wagons with SUVs. Crossovers are also gaining momentum in the car sales market due to the combined features of CUV: high ground clearance, spacious seating, great handling, and fuel efficiency. Crossovers are fit for long drives with friends or family, with a few bags and cargo to bring along. Hyundai Kona, Ford EcoSport, Mazda CX-9, and Subaru Forester make it to the long list of CUVs on the market this year.

5. Convertibles

If you prefer style, speed, and luxury, the convertible is a good fit for you. Also known as a cabriolet, this type of car can be converted to an open-air vehicle from an enclosed car. Predecessors of the modern convertibles had manually detachable roofs before the development of fully automatic hydraulic or electric actuators fitted to the roofs the convertibles we now see. Most roofs are made of carbon fiber or tough plastic like PVC and fold away into the back of the trunk of the car. Cars of this type can give you a great driving experience and a fantastic view of the sceneries around you. The Chevrolet Corvette, Audi A5, the BMW 2-Series, and Mercedes-Benz SL-Class are just a few in the list of convertibles available this year.

When looking for a new car, there should be other factors you need to consider aside from the style or exterior design. Look both inside and outside the car for things to consider. On the inside, the car should have comfortable space, functional safety, utilities such as brakes, headlights, signal lights, etc., and a fuel-efficient and powerful engine. On the outside, look for trusted car dealers who offer the best value for your money and also those who give options based on your needs; also look for a reliable auto transport service to deliver the new car safely back to your home.

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