5 Things to consider before installing a plumbed fridge

A new refrigerator is an added beauty to a home. It keeps your vegetables, fruits, drinks, and other refrigerable things chill and preserved for a long time. If you intend on getting one, consider these things to avoid making terrible mistakes. The market has the traditional model as well as the plumbed models. The old model can be stressful because it needs to be manually defrosted, but a plumbed fringe already has the feature. The fridge is installed in your home water supply and drainage system to ensure 24 hours functioning. However, there are also setbacks to this process if not tackled beforehand. These five tips will help you when installing a plumbed fridge.

plumbed fridge

1. The cost of installation

The installation cost is an important factor to put in place before ordering one. Installation can cost you a huge amount of money which needs to be gathered or prepared beforehand. If you’re considering a plumbed fridge installation in your home, it’s important to factor in the cost of plumbing. In most cases, you’ll need to hire a professional plumbing Winnipeg contractor to complete the installation.

But before you begin the installation, make sure the fridge is compatible with your home. Hiring a professional for the services is preferable to going DIY. You may try to tackle this problem by doing it yourself. And during the installation, they make a mistake with the connection. This decision may cost you more than you could have spent hiring a professional. However, if you’ve managed to install it by yourself and face a problem later, you can easily find a company that provides Otawa fridge repair services to help you out.

Some countries have strict regulations hindering fridge owners from making the installation. Going DIY may damage the water system, which your insurance company may not cover, or even the equipment warranty. The cost of fixing the damaged water system may exceed the cost of getting a professional.

2. The size of the fridge

Whatever size you intend to buy, you have to ensure it fits your kitchen. Ensure the space reserved for the appliance is squeezed in without disrupting other kitchen appliances. You can measure the dimension of the spot before bringing in the new refrigerator. You should also measure the plumbed fridge depth or height because some fridges have long counters. Also, ensure the fridge doors have space to open, clear entry points, and a path to avoid colliding with the appliance. If you go for a fridge bigger than the old one, you’ll need a bigger space to drop it. In essence, purchase a fridge according to your needs and the reserved kitchen space.

3. Energy usage

Fridges are energy-consuming appliances. They require high voltage to function efficiently. And as there are many on the market, so does it comes with its level of energy consumption. Some have a higher power rating, which means they consume more energy. A plumbed fridge costs more and produces more work, leaving you no choice but to protect your investment. The best practice done by most fridge owners is installing a surge protector with the fridge. The protector is against low power damage. With an unexpected power cut, the surge protects the fridge from damage. However, some surges may require extra space to fit properly, causing the fridge to stick out from its initial position. If you intend to install a surge, then it’s proper to be careful of the fridge size to purchase. Nowadays, most people go for energy-efficient appliances to mitigate the energy consumption in the home.

4. Noise levels

Most freezers make sound but on a different level. There are plumbed fridges with a loud noise which may not align with a person that prefers quiet places. When and how long the noise keeps going also varies according to the appliance and installation method. It is better to have a fridge with little or no noise. These types are classic and modern. But when you have a noisy fridge, you’ll even be forced to switch it off on different occasions.

5. The style of the fridge

Every person has the style of the fridge they like. But everyone has to choose an appliance that fits into the available space. If you intend to store tons of things in the fridge, you should go for a fridge with plenty of freezer space. And the best model to purchase for such a purpose is the side-by-side model. If you’re shopping for the opposite, then the French-door fridge is likely for you. Your perspective matters in purchase but can be affected by the space and location of your home.

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