5 Tips For A Natural Insomnia Remedies

Harvard surveys study shows that only one in three is having a good sleep while the others are having endless battles with insomnia.

And while insomnia is that serious, people believe taking sleeping pills is the way out. I have been there. Believe you me; the sleeping pills are not the way to go. The best and sure way of dealing with insomnia is using a natural method such as meditating, exclusively using your bed for sleep, not smoking, avoiding certain foods and creating sleep routine. A close look at each of these tips will not do us any harm.

  1. Meditating

The day’s cores can be overwhelming, and the mind can feel exhausted at the end of the day. At the same time, your brain may take quite some time to let go of the overwhelming occurrences of the day. The solution here is to mediate.


While you are meditating, you will be allowing your mind to shut down gradually. This makes you feel relaxed so that you can catch sleep when your mind let’s go all the cares overwhelming it.

  1. Exclusively Use The Bed For Sleeping

One big mistake you can make is to have a book’s store in your bedroom or a TV set. Why? If you love reading as much as I do, you will want to read a book every 30 minutes when you get to bed. Other times especially if you are a TV addict would be to want to watch late night movies while you lie on your bed.

The thing is, only use your bed for sleeping and not for personal studies, reading books, and watching TV. If anything and when appropriate, the other function of your bed is to have sex. So, if it is not for these two reasons that you are on your bed, you would rather not be there.

  1. Avoid Smoking

A habit is a disease and smoking is one of those habits that are very addictives. Worst still is that one study showed that smokers have trouble sleeping than those who don’t smoke. In fact, smoking makes people four times unlikely to sleep that those who do not smoke.

This, according to St John Hopkins University School of medicine, researchers says that it is due to the presence of nicotine in a cigarette.

Also, those who smoke at times experience problems with breathing system. The remedy is to avoid smoking.

If you have been struggling with smoking addiction, stopping it may not even work for you since the desire to smoke may throw you out of bed. At such times, the best thing to do is to take CBD.  The website associated with the things CBDTrust recommends that anyone struggling with insomnia, after taking CBD will have no more trouble.

  1. Avoid Food That Deprives Sleep

There are certain foods when taken before sleep will make sleeping close to or impossible. For example, people who drink have trouble sleeping as well as those who take coffee. Actually, when I want to work overnight, I always grab a mug of coffee. It keeps me working without struggling with sleep.

That means, if you take coffee before bedtime, you will definitely find trouble sleeping. The solution is to avoid taking alcohol and coffee.

Also, avoid taking heavy meals before bedtime since it is hard to digest them while you are asleep. They will, therefore, cause you a lot of trouble that will give you a sleepless night.

  1. Follow A Routine

We all know how sleeping at a particular time every day affects our lives, right? It seems like your eyes understand when it is time to sleep even before you can check on time. Well, your mind has a biological clock that helps it to follow a specific sequence. This affects you in that if you sleep at nine today, tomorrow at nine your eyes, too, will be feeling heavy.

So, making sure that you follow a specific routine each day helps you to sleep as soon as you get to bed thus overcoming insomnia.

Avoid breaking the cycle by sleeping earlier or later than the usual time.

The Verdict

At times; dealing with insomnia is not just heartbreaking but annoying as well as unhealthy. The tips in this article will not only give you a solution for today but a permanent solution even for the future. Only be patient at first when trying them but make sure you stick to them.

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