5 Tips for finding the perfect property to rent

Whether you’re a first-time renter or you’re just looking for a change, finding the perfect property to rent can be a daunting task. We get anxious over where to rent, how much to spend on rent, and whether or not the property is right for us. Making sure you get exactly what you want in a property and feel safe enough to live there for more than just a few months should not be stressful and with the right tips in hand, it doesn’t have to be! Here are five tips that will help make your search easier and more rewarding.

property to rent

  1. Decide what you’re looking for in a property

Do you want something large, something small, something with a large garden or something with a view? It’s important to decide exactly what you want in a property especially when it comes to living space. This helps avoid places that you do not want. Let’s suppose you want a three bedroom two bathroom house with a garage with enough room for two cars. Deciding on this detail early on means that you save time looking at all the properties that do not suit your base needs.

  1. Narrow down your search by location and budget

Budget is often the first thing we think about when renting a property. It is advised to be earning at least twice as much as the rent costs. It is important to consider how much you can afford on a long-term basis before renting a property. This should include any changes in income that you may experience along the course of the period you plan on renting. Take the location into consideration as well. A property that has a location with a good view or is in a safe area may cost more than a property far from amenities or in a rundown area. Make sure to visit the location before considering the property. Even if the property is more affordable, it’s best to avoid choosing a place that you may have to move from after only one or two months due to moving fees. If you feel like this is not something you can do by yourself, it is always a great idea to ask for help from a professional, i.e. contact a letting agency like Western Lettings. Specialized agents are a smart way to look for the ideal property to rent, as they have extensive knowledge of the matter.

  1. Research the neighborhoods you’re interested in

As mentioned above, the location is important. You should research the neighborhood before making any decisions. First of all look for red flags. These could be dirty surroundings, high crime numbers, proximity to factories or industrial areas, and even dangerous wildlife. Make sure that the property is in a safe friendly environment. Find out if the neighborhood is rowdy or is known for hosting loud parties if you’re looking for a quiet place to live. Getting in touch with a real estate agent is advised when looking into a neighborhood that you are unfamiliar with.

  1. Check out the local amenities and transportation options

Before you decide on a location, check to see if the area has everything you need as well as having transport options to get you to those places. Consider how long it will take you to commute from your new home to your place of work or place of study. Find out how far places such as shops, hospitals, schools, police stations, places of worship, and parks are from the property. Make sure that there are transport options such as taxis, buses, trains or trams. If you do not live near many amenities, you could end up spending a lot more than you bargained on in transport or delivery fees making the property more expensive in the long run.

  1. Read reviews of properties and landlords

Reading reviews is a vital process when choosing a property to rent. Reviews often offer both negative and positive feedback, providing insight into the property itself and the landlord. Look out for properties with mostly positive reviews and preferably more than three reviews for a more accurate overall rating. Steer clear of properties with negative comments on landlords especially if the landlord has been aggressive or has lied about the property. Be wary of a property that has been said to have heating issues, leaks, pest problems, or mold.

Remember that if you know exactly what you need in a property and you research the location and the surrounding area, choosing a place to rent can be rewarding! Happy renting!

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