7 Design Hacks to Make Spa Bathroom

Your bathroom is the first place that you visit when you get up in the morning, as well as a place you go to before bed. Other than this, this is the place you’ll visit after work or after a training session, which means that it’s the go-to corner of your home when you need to rest, relax, freshen up and recharge your batteries. For this reason and many others, it’s in your best interest to try and make this place feel like a luxurious spa and here are several tips and tricks to help you pull this off. Read this article below and design your spa bathroom easily.

1.      Replace Your Showerhead

Showerheads come in different shapes and sizes and sometimes doing something as simple as replacing one can make a major difference in the overall vibe that your bathroom gives away. Here, your options are numerous and you get to choose between single spray, dual, multi-function or rain showerhead. Other than this, the size and shape of the showerhead can also make a difference. All in all, by replacing this one feature you can, indeed, make a massive difference in the overall vibe of the place.

2.      Play Some Music

Nowadays, that portable speakers are so inexpensive, there’s no excuse for you not to have music in your bathroom. The choice of the speaker is yours yet it’s the playlist that will make a difference. There are compilations of spa music that you can find and play/download from YouTube, yet, there’s nothing preventing you from making a compilation on your own. Either way, it’s definitely something you should do in the nearest future. Also, remember that the volume matters quite a bit, especially if you have a shower and not a tub.

3.      Have Some Candles

Having some scented candles around the place can help improve the overall impression that you have of your bathroom. The majority of people prefers fresh, clean scents, which is why lavender and vanilla seem to be a common choice. Still, with so many options, you can completely customize your own bathroom experience. Just make sure to take all the necessary steps of precaution and A) place these candles in spots where they’ll be stable, in order to reduce fall risk and B) keep them away from fabrics like towels and shower curtains.

4.      Be Creative About Your Storage

The choice of a color pallet matters for the overall impression that your bathroom is going to give away, so, you need to ask yourself which colors do you usually associate with spa. It’s either lush, vivacious and calming hues or an outright sense of luxury that you should focus on. Needless to say, this is, by far, the easiest to implement through your bathroom’s storage solutions. There are so many options here to explore, for instance, if you aim for the afore-mentioned luxury, what you could do is look for a suitable black shower shelf and try to get the rest of cabinets and bathroom elements in black. For those with an unlimited budget, black marble countertop could really complete the image.

5.      Adequate Mat For Spa Bathroom

When trying to evoke an emotion or a sensation, you need to aim for as many senses as possible. Previously, we’ve already discussed using music and scents to do so, and we’ve definitely discussed ways you can do this via visual means, however, now you need to focus on the tactile impression that your bathroom makes. The simplest way to do so is with a choice of the right bathroom mat. The choice of material will affect both visuals and the feeling you get when you step on it with your bare foot. For those who want to be really creative about it, it’s never a bad idea to opt for a moss mat.

6.      Bathroom Plants

We’ve already mentioned the idea of creating an indoor, private oasis and it’s impossible to imagine an oasis without introducing some indoor plants. Previously, we’ve already mentioned the moss mat, so why not complete this image with several additional ideas. Ideally, you would choose plants that are compatible with your bathroom. This means finding pot plants that thrive in a humid and warm ambiance. A Spider Plant, Bamboo and Orchid are simply ideal, yet, Aloe Vera and Peace Lily can work just as fine.

7.      Real Furniture

As we’ve already mentioned in the introduction, your bathroom needs to be a place of rest and respite, not just a room that you go to when you absolutely have to. In order to capture this spirit and function, you may start bringing in some real furniture into the place, if you have a room for such a thing. You would be surprised at just how much difference can a single armchair make. It goes without saying that you don’t have to stop here if your available bathroom space and budget allow it.

In Conclusion

As you can see, some of the above-listed improvements are so inexpensive (mat, speaker, plants, etc.) that you don’t even have to budget them and can implement them this very day. However, this doesn’t mean that the contribution that they’re making to the overall impression that your bathroom gives away isn’t massive or that they don’t add to the overall value of the spa bathroom. As for the other improvements, they’re not something that you’re required to make every day. They also drastically add to the functionality of the place. Either way, each of the above-listed design ideas is more than worth considering.


Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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