7 Tips And Rules For A Successful And Healthy Marriage

Whether you are newly married or have been married for decades if you don’t put effort into your marriage, all you have been creating for years can break into pieces in a second. There are so many married couples that have faced problems in their marriage from infidelity to signs of disrespect. To help solve their problems, rebuild their broken marriage, and identify their signs of disrespect, these couples have turned to licensed professionals, like those at ReGain. These professionals are effective in helping couples fix their marriage and learn how to give each other the respect they deserve. Here we are presenting you 7 tips and rules for a successful and healthy marriage you need to implement in your own marriage.


Listen to each other

Communication is one of the essentials for a healthy relationship, no matter if it is a relationship, a partnership, a marriage, etc. But, sometimes people forget that communication has two sides, speaking and listening, and tend to speak without listening to what their partner is saying. That is one of the biggest killers on any relationship, including marriage. In order to preserve your marriage, listen to each other. When you are having problems, sit down and share them with your partner, giving them space to share their problems with you. Sometimes listening to your partner’s problems can help more than even solving them, so never forget the importance of listening before speaking.

Be free

One of the major factors of a healthy marriage is independence. Always try to find some space and time for being you, separately. Have your own hobbies, have your own friends, and have time for making things that make you happy, without interruption from the other side. Once you have the freedom of being yourself, you will be more interested in doing things together with your partner.

Give each other compliments

Compliments are not reserved only for the days you were courting each other. Being married for years and having accomplished so many things together says a lot about both of you and your relationship. But, in order to strengthen your marriage even more, try to acknowledge your partner’s positive attributes every day. Focus on the positive stuff instead of the negative ones and compliment your partner on a job well done.


Take responsibility

Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.” – Barnett R. Brickner. Always work on being the right partner in your marriage. In order to succeed in your marriage, you need to dedicate your full care and attention. You should take responsibility for any flaws and mistakes you have done and apologize for any time you were wrong.

Add romance

In order to have a healthy and successful marriage, never forget that romance is a key factor for any relationship. Don’t forget that small steps can lead to big successes. Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed once in a while, give her flowers without there being any special occasion, and take her to watch the sunset together. These are only a few of the endless ideas that can insert a little romance and strengthen your marriage. The best thing is that these ideas won’t cost you anything but can mean everything for your partner.


Do not control

The other side of independence is to let the other side be independent too. Some partners, after being married for a long time, sometimes forget about who they are as individuals and lose their independence. However, sometimes, they may try to control their partner, which may be even worse. If you want to create a healthy marriage, then remember not to become the controller or the one being controlled. Give your partner space to be independent, and use that time to be independent too.

Never use the D-word

There is almost no couple, whether in a relationship or married, that hasn’t had a fight. Many people try to use divorce as a control mechanism when fighting with their partners. In order to save your marriage, never use the D-word or talk about separation even when you are extremely mad at your partner. Never use the divorce as a threat, because it won’t solve the problem at all, but will produce even bigger frustration and can lead to a bigger chance to see divorce come to fruition. Always strive to solve marriage problems by speaking about them, there is no problem that good communication cannot solve.

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