Funny Photos For A Relationship In The First Month VS A Year Later

People being at the beginning of their relationship try to look as good as they can. The reason may be various: either they are shy at the beginning or they are trying to make their partner believe they are the best choice when choosing who to date. In the beginning, both sides try to show their best parts, so you will see the girl spending hours cooking her boyfriend’s favorite meals, or you will see the boy presenting himself as a strong man who is ready to face all difficulties and troubles that may appear. But, relationships, just like the individuals themselves, tend to change a lot over time. Below are some descriptions of how a person’s attitude can change over the course of a being in a relationship for a year. Scroll down the page to see some of the funniest photos for a relationship in the first month VS a year later.

Friends and family

One month relationship: At the beginning of the relationship when your partner has asked you to meet his/her family and friends you may feel some anxiety or even pressure because you want them to like you and you want to show them the best side of you.


One year relationship: You have already spent so much time with these people so you may have started to consider them as part of your own family, and have started to make some plans of having kids and spending even more time with them.



One month relationship: You can’t even imagine doing some things in front of your partner without feeling uncomfortable. For example, shaving your legs in front of him? Don’t worry every couple feels a little uncomfortable in front of each other at the beginning. At some point in the future you will both laugh about these moments.

One year relationship: There is almost no awkwardness and embarrassment in your relationship anymore. You already know almost everything about your partner, so you feel as if you are an extension of him, and he feels the same way. You have now reached the point where you both laugh about the moments that made you feel embarrassed at the beginning.


One month relationship: No matter the much you love your partner and he loves you, at the beginning of the relationship you may feel a little insecure and wonder if your relationship is real, strong, and will last. In order to reassure these doubts, you may try to send long text messages, make long nighttime calls, and say “I love you” more often.

One year relationship: You still need to hear “I love you” or other forms of reassurance, but you don’t need it that much as you did in the beginning. You are more sure about what you have together and you feel amazing knowing that there will always be someone to stand by your side no matter what.

Being affectionate


One month relationship: At the beginning you probably want to spend more time together, kiss your partner all the time and add passion to your relationship at any time possible.

One year relationship: After one year of being together, you may already know that love is not just about making out or touching. You know the importance of small signs of affection such as making coffee for your partner when he has to stay late at night to work or study, to care about him/her when they are sick, and to hold his hand when he feels bad about something.

Hanging out with each other

One month relationship: You want to hang out with your partner. You feel excited about your next date and spend a lot of time preparing for them.

One year relationship: After a while, you become so connected to your partner that you can’t even imagine not being upset when you have to sleep at least one night without him/her. However, in some cases, you may find that after a year you are hanging out with each other less and less and the relationship is not going as you had hoped. Sometimes, at this point, the relationship may even end. At the end of a relationship, you can find yourself wanting to jump back into another relationship. If this is the case, you may want to seek advice from ReGain on the signs of a rebound relationship to watch out for.

The future

One month relationship: At the beginning you may not allow yourself to make long-lasting plans about your future together, just in case everything doesn’t work out. You have still doubts if you will stay together with your partner years from now.

One year relationship: You have spent so many moments together that you can’t even imagine a future without your partner. All your future plans include him: from life together, getting married, having and raising children together. All you need is making your dream come true together.

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