Car Accident Claims: How to Maximize Your Compensation

Car accidents are one of the scariest and most unpredictable times in a person’s life. It surely is the hope of many to never have that experience. Unfortunately, many of us reading this have had to go through this, and many more of us could in the future. Having time and property taken away is often crippling to one’s means. Even more serious is the potential for bodily harm. None of us want to think of the repercussions of these events and, more often than not, that leaves us unprepared. But with a bit of foresight, there are things you can do in order to make sure you and your loved ones get the compensation you deserve.

First Few Steps

If you’re fortunate enough to be conscious and mobile after an accident, your first move should be to assess the situation. See if you’re hurt or if anyone around you is hurt. Next, call the police. You’ll need a good police report detailing everything that happened. Your third step is to exchange insurance information with the other party. If the other party involved is reluctant to do this, take a picture of their license plate and inform them that the police are on their way. You should take pictures of the scene anyway. This avoids any sort of confusion or inaccuracies in the filing and repair process. Include license plates, damage, and street signs. If there are witnesses, gather testimonies. These are the crucial first few moments that will keep the future proceedings running as smoothly as possible.

Find An Attorney

Insurance companies will lowball you when it comes to compensation. They are not in the business of giving up money. An interview with the claims adjuster is their first line against paying you. Consult with a personal injury attorney before giving any information. Richart Truitt of Truitt Law Offices advises that you do not speak to insurance companies at all before consulting with an attorney. On their website,, they also stress the timeliness in which you file a claim. Time can affect the outcome, especially when it comes to bodily harm. Do not take a settlement if you think it’s too low. If it doesn’t cover the cost of the damage–which it often won’t, then you may need to go to court to get what you need.

Be Brutally Honest With The Police

An accident  is not a time to tough it out. Adrenaline can often mask any sort of pain and injury. There’s a good chance that if you’ve been in an accident, you have suffered some sort of bodily harm. Go to a doctor immediately after the police has given you a report of some kind. And if you suspect that the other party was texting or under the influence of a substance, tell the police during the police report. Do not play nice. It doesn’t matter if the other party is two feet from you. You need to have your voice heard and documented.

With the right documentation and the proper team to back you up, you can maximize your compensation in a situation where the opposing side wants none of that. It’s horrible to have to think of money during a time when the safety and health of your loved ones is number one. But realistically, one has to in order to regain the quality of life one had prior to the accident. Stay safe.

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