Chapada Diamantina Amazing And Unique Place

Chapada Diamantina, a national park in Brazil covers an area of ​​1,520 square kilometers, in itself hides part of the most spectacular sights in the world, but perhaps what most attracts tourists to visit is the paradise caves whose beauty we can not describe  describe  with words .

By the way , The park, off the ground, you can see a huge number of unusual rocks and amazing geological formations, but the real adventure starts from the moment when  tourists will engage in reviewing some of the caves hidden under the earth.


“Lost world” as it is often called the national park underground Chapada, enriched with a few of quartzite caves filled with crystal clear lakes and underground rivers. The water is so clear that divers in lakes and rivers seem to float in the air.


Simply Chapada Diamantina is a place that you will instantly make you feel like part of a whole new world.

Few main reasons allocate this land of gold and diamonds from the rest of the world’s natural parks, This reasons are spectacular caves, beautiful cascades, wonderful geologic formations and green areas.

The best known cave “Chapada Diamantine su Gruta da Pratinha”, cave with natural stairs that lead to the underground crystal lake.


Next is the cave “Os Impossíveis”, with beautiful white stalagmites and interesting for tourists “Poço Encantado”, an underground pool 35 meters deep, and the water in it is so clear that no problem can be seen tiniest object fall to the bottom. 4 5 shapada-braz-raj-01 shapada-braz-raj-02 shapada-braz-raj-03 shapada-braz-raj-05 shapada-braz-raj-06 shapada-braz-raj-07 shapada-braz-raj-08 shapada-braz-raj-09 shapada-braz-raj-10 shapada-braz-raj-11 shapada-braz-raj-12 shapada-braz-raj-13 shapada-braz-raj-14 shapada-braz-raj-15 shapada-braz-raj-18 shapada-braz-raj-19 shapada-braz-raj-20 shapada-braz-raj-22 shapada-braz-raj-23 shapada-braz-raj-24 shapada-braz-raj-25 shapada-braz-raj-26 shapada-braz-raj-27 shapada-braz-raj-28 shapada-braz-raj-29 shapada-braz-raj-31 shapada-braz-raj-35 shapada-braz-raj-38 shapada-braz-raj-39 shapada-braz-raj-40 shapada-braz-raj-41 shapada-braz-raj-42 shapada-braz-raj-45

We have found some of the beaty  pictures here ,  here  , and here

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