Commercial Semi-Truck Upgrades That Drivers Need

Semi-truck drivers need to understand regular maintenance and upgrades for their vehicles. Keeping semi-trucks in top condition ensures they run smoothly and safely. Check out these commercial semi-truck upgrades that drivers need to maximize fuel economy and increase safety standards.

Enhanced Safety Features

Semi-trucks are large, heavy vehicles that require great skill and attention to operate safely. To reduce the risk of accidents, drivers should consider upgrading their trucks with enhanced safety features.

These features include lane departure warnings, blind spot monitoring, and automatic emergency braking systems. These features can help alert drivers to potential hazards and help them avoid collisions.

Trailer Tracking System

Trailer tracking systems are becoming increasingly popular among semi-truck drivers because they provide real-time information about trailer location, speed, temperature, cargo weight, etc., while on the road. This technology helps drivers stay informed about their trailers so they can take action if any problems arise during transit or delivery.

Furthermore, if you own a refrigerated trailer, known as a reefer trailer, ensuring that it stays clean and tracked provides accurate, current information for temperature-sensitive cargo. To compare, investing in a reefer trailer over a reefer truck allows volume forgiveness and weight tolerance, thus permitting sensitive tracking systems to perform their best.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire pressure is an important factor in maintaining a safe driving experience. Low tire pressure can cause tires to wear out prematurely or even blow out on the road. A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) can help drivers monitor the air pressure in their tires and alert them when it is too low or too high.

This can help drivers save money on fuel and reduce the risk of costly tire blowouts. Along with tires, upgrading your brakes and brake parts guarantees optimal tire performance and safety. These replacements include brake pads, rotors, brake pressure monitoring systems, air disc brakes, and anti-lock braking systems that can enhance vehicle performance.

Backup Camera and Dash Camera

Backup cameras are becoming an increasingly common upgrade among commercial semi-truck drivers due to their ability to improve visibility when backing up or maneuvering in tight spaces. Backup cameras provide a wide field of view that allows drivers to see behind them without turning around, making it much easier and safer to back into parking spots or tight-loading docks.

Dash cameras are becoming increasingly popular among commercial semi-truck drivers due to their ability to provide video evidence in the event of an accident or other incident on the road. Dash cameras can also monitor driving habits such as speeding, aggressive driving, or distracted driving, which can help improve safety and reduce insurance costs.

Air Suspension System

An air suspension system is another important upgrade for commercial semi-trucks that helps improve ride comfort while reducing wear and tear on tires and suspension components. Air suspensions use pressurized airbags instead of steel springs, allowing them to be adjusted based on load weight and terrain conditions for a smoother ride with improved handling characteristics.


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