Creating Unique Bedding With Your Pictures: How To Choose The Best Pics

Custom-printed beddings are a great way to incorporate one’s personality into the bedroom. You can transform your blankets, pillows, duvet covers, and bed sheets by adding favorite photos, design or text. Forget the boring and typical bedding designs and use your pictures to personally customize your bedding. Not only are you personalizing your bedroom but you’re also uniquely restoring your memories.

To choose the best pictures for your bedding that will excite you to go to bed each night, check out these tips:

  1. Stick with the Bedroom’s Theme

A decorative theme works as a unifying device for all the different elements in the room into a place that exudes the occupant’s personality. Not only should your bedding match your personality, but it must also match the existing color scheme or theme of your bedroom. Your bedding’s theme must go with your current bedroom décor, may it be vintage, boho, modern, or minimalist.

But since using your pictures for your bedding is a unique idea, you should also customize your bedroom to have a unique theme. Here are some unique bedroom ideas that can compliment your bedding with your pictures:

  • 3D bedroom decor – It’s one of the unique decorating options you can use that can complement with your bedding as it can create more life and vibrancy to your room. To make your bedroom 3D themed, use the three-dimensional appearance of fabric designs such as your pictures, and two-dimensional decorative accents. For example, your bedroom may have a city skyline ceiling or waterfalls for your walls and close-up animals on your bedroom corners.
  • Art-themed bedroom – Instead of using traditional rectangular beds, you can use artistic beds such as a giant circular rocking bed, round bed, or floating hammock beds. With a unique bed design, you are already accentuating your bedroom. By choosing the type of bed for your bedroom theme, you’ll know what pictures you are to use for your bedding.
  • Woodsy theme – Since you’re using wood as the focal material in your bedroom, choosing your pictures that have backgrounds of nature can go well with it. You can either use wood or logs for your bed posts, walls, and windows.
  1. Relive Your Happy Memories

When you already have a theme for your bedroom, you can now choose the pictures that will remind you of your favorite memories and make you feel warm and snug as you drift off to slumber. Not only should the photos reflect your personality but also look the way you want them to be. If sunrise and sunsets, beaches or lakes have been part of your unforgettable memories, you may want to feature these types of photos.

If you are fond of taking photos with friends and family, you can make an album of your best and happiest moments, like your unforgettable holiday or your favorite wedding day photo. Relive your story and keep both your body and your heart warm and comfy. Moreover, taking pictures of your family keepsakes and turning them into a bedding picture design is a good way to relive your family memories. Also, it helps you get closer to them as you will be reminded of your loved ones each time you see your bedding.

If you are feeling creative, you can also create your own artwork and use them as your bedding designs. Let your creative juices go crazy and make your designs express your personality. You can try making a photo collage of various shots or photoshopped versions of your favorite photos aside from a blown-up image of a single photo.

  1. Discover Your Interests

Another way to create a unique bedding with your pictures is to find out what your interests are and what will help make your bedroom your favorite place. When doing this, think of the song “My Favorite Things” from the film The Sound of Music, making a list of the things that you would love to see on your bedding.

Having bedding that shows your hobbies and interests gives you a sense of identity and personal space. Here are some ideas that will show off your interests and hobbies through the pictures on your bedding:

  • If you’re a collector of movie or animated characters, you can create themed bedding like Marvel or Disney themes depending on your collectibles.
  • If you’re outdoorsy, choose photos with greenery, mountains, beaches, the night sky, or anything that will make you feel in tune with nature. Flower photos are also a right choice because they are a lovely thing to see in the morning, especially during winter.
  • If you’re a book lover, choose photos of book covers, or of your favorite authors or unforgettable quotations.
  • For sports fans, choose photos of your favorite team or players. Or you can also use pictures of your favorite games or sports.
  • For a movie or series addicts, choose photos of movie posters, favorite characters, and iconic symbols.
  • For musicians, choose photos of musical instruments or your favorite artists.
  • For gamers, choose photos of your game characters, weapons, and symbols.
  • For artsy people, you can choose iconic art pieces, famous artists, or images and patterns that create the illusion of 3D images.
  • If you’re a jet-setter or a student who will be living far from home, you can also opt to design the bedding with something that will remind you of home wherever you may be.
  1. Explore Color and Texture

Expressing your personality in the bedroom includes exploring the different colors that best represent different facets of your life and your disposition. You can play with earth-colored photos to match your Moroccan-inspired theme, or you can choose colors that can highlight or emphasize your favorite photos.

To achieve that eye-catching picture-printed bedding without distracting the overall picture, here are some color combinations you can use:


  • If you choose a portrait or single picture for your bedding, you could use a bedding color or background that will make your picture pop out or blend in. A picture with light colors can pop out in a dark bedding color. Or you could use a black and white photo for a neutral grey bedding so you can create a solemn or somber bedroom ambiance.
  • For a family portrait, it’s best to choose pictures that have a matching color of clothes for every family member. Then depending on the color of the family portrait, you can use a bright or cheerful bedding color to make the picture pop out. You can use two brighter shades or spring colors as your bedding color for a grey or black-themed family picture.
  • If you choose to use your baby’s picture, it’s best to let their purity and innocence stand out by letting them be. Then use a neutral gray color as the bedding color.
  • If the background color for your bedding is an outdoor scene like woods or forest, then it’s best to have a black and gray portrait.

  1. Consider the effect of the photographs

Although it is tempting to have as many photos as you wish on your bedding, it is still better to keep the designs less loaded. The idea is to have a calming atmosphere before going to sleep. A bedroom should be relaxing so try to handpick only the most special photos that will de-stress you and make you happy without overwhelming the eyes with too many images before you go to sleep.

Here’s how to choose calming images for your bedding:

  • Seascape – The smooth surface, and the life-giving characteristic of the sea instills a calming effect so using it as your bedding picture can give you a calmer mood.
  • Natural fractals – Also known as patterns in nature such as cactus patterns, snowflakes, shells, and cones. Especially if you’re from a chaotic situation, you will be soothed by the cohesion and symmetry of these patterns if your bedding has photos of such.
  • Green landscapes – Since people commonly want to spend time outdoors, a green landscape picture in your bedding can help curb this craving. Especially when you live in a city with many buildings to see in your daily life, this picture on your linen may erase the busyness that city life could give.
  • Cute images – If you prefer cute images as your bedding picture such as adorable puppies, then it’s also the right choice. Not only does it help you smile due to its cuteness but it also awakens the parenting instincts that humans have.
  • Fine art – Artwork that have voluptuous, soft colors and shapes help increase your happy hormones. For instance, looking at the world’s best paintings may give you a sense of pleasure even when it’s not the real one. So choosing it for your bedding picture can help you achieve that artistic need of your soul.


The bedroom is a deeply personal space where you will spend a lot of time in. It is your haven whenever you are home. Having bedding that will restore and reinvigorate you whenever you go to bed each night and wake up each morning is essential in turning your bedroom into the happy place it should be. So you must have a bedroom theme that can help you bring out your creativity. One way to do it is to personally customize your bedding using your pictures or photographs of your own choice. Not only will it create a statement in your room, but it can also help calm you or enhance your mood.

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