Developing Travel Writing Skills through Collaborative Writing

One of the most beloved types of academic assignments is to write a paper on traveling. Almost everybody likes to travel. It makes people enthusiastic about writing and they do their best to reveal a story in a vivid manner. Besides, many bloggers also initiate their blogs to share their experiences and impressions about the travels they had. They also give tips to organize it properly. Many professors tell their students to use the method of collaborative writing to accomplish such papers. And sure do not forget to check for plagiarism with the best plagiarism checker by EduBirdie

We will discuss the way this method works. However, we would like to clarify this method first. What is its definition? It demands work in groups. It requires teamwork skill, which is very important. Nobody is able to complete all the tasks on his/her own. Other students can help you if you got stuck somewhere. Even if traveling seems to be a pretty easy theme, the results of an individual and group work differ. Commonly, collaborative writing provides more data because many students are involved in the process.

How It Works in Reality

Let’s figure out how collaborative writing works. In most cases, this method is used in such disciplines as business or technology. Nonetheless, it’s quite applicable to our situation. A group consists of 4-5 students. It’s necessary to establish rapport and make a preliminary meeting to discuss all the terms.

Nobody should be left aside. All the duties ought to be divided equally. It’s required to identify the responsibilities of every member of the group. The group should set the time, places and similar essentials. It’s necessary to determine how many locations to visit and what to do there. Thus, some students will be responsible for the selection of the destination point. The others should focus on the accommodations and necessary stuff to travel. Someone should plan the route and sightseeing.

Let’s divide the group into three mini-organizations. After the group agrees on the destination point and the rapport, it is necessary to understand who will be answerable for different necessities. Every student should be involved but answer for a concrete task.

Thus, student A should choose a tour and organize the transport to get to the selected location. Student B should take care of accommodation. It’s required to choose a hotel or motel, learn about its location, meals, and prices. Extra expenses are included. Students C and D are responsible for sightseeing in the city or town they travel to and set the route.

Writing the Paper

After the group finishes the journey, it is important to write an essay. Student A should give a description of the tour, why he/she has chosen the travel agency, comment on how to get to the point of destination.

Student B gives a report on accommodations. He or she should give a full record of food, stores, and other conditions that were offered near their location. Besides, it’s needed to give an evaluation of a hotel or motel where the group stayed. The matter of price should be mentioned as well. A student should tell whether the price policy of the location was fair and reasonable.

Students C and D give an evaluation of the tour. It is better to take at least a three-day tour. Otherwise, there will be not much time to see all the locations on the chosen point of destination. These students should give a fair evaluation of the most outstanding places of sightseeing.

Every participant should write his or her part of an assignment. Afterward, it is recommended to stick to collaborative writing further. Students should interchange the writing parts and make a critical review, as well as proofreading. It’s another great benefit of collaborative writing. Other people may notice errors about which you have no idea.

After this, the group should meet again and decide who will write the final version. Mind that travel essays are very interesting because of new places and beautiful sceneries. Therefore, the group is supposed to take photos and then, insert them in the essay. This adds beauty and makes the presentation more interactive and captivating.

At times, professors tell their students to make a real presentation. Thus, students should use a slide show. Everyone will receive a chance to talk. Student A tells his/her part, Student B his/her and so on. If a professor appoints presentation, the group should likewise discuss how to organize it. During such works, students improve their communicative skills. A presentation also means to give a short speech on traveling. It is of great importance to calm down and avoid stress. Students should practice in front of each other to make sure that everything is alright.

The method of collaborative writing is very resourceful. It is effective when a single person cannot cope with a great scope of work. Our instructions show that every member has its liabilities and this positively reflects on the progress in general. The whole process of researching and writing runs much faster and more productively if students address writing services for assistance. The participants managed to obtain more materials compared to a solo traveler.

Students help one another and learn some useful skills and tricks from other participants in the group. This positively reflects on the progress of the group and every member of it. Besides, it teaches us to collaborate and communicate with other people. This skill is important in every sphere of human life.

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