Easy Homemade Tricks To Clean Your Mattress

​ In order to have sweet dream and a good night, the basic thing is your mattress. But, often it is an ideal place for collecting dust, dirt and bacteria. To have a sweet dream, the mattress on which you sleep should always be comfortable and clean. By regularly cleaning the mattress you can eliminate the dead skin cells that remain on it. Especially in the summer, you need to pay more attention on cleaning the mattress, when night sweating is more common. In this post, we will give you a few tips on how to keep your mattress clean all the time.

The basic thing you need to do to ensure a healthy sleep is to change your bedding regularly, at least once a week. Here are some ways to do this.



Take two bags of baking soda, 8 drops of etheric lavender oil, rosemary, a flour mill a little alcoholic vinegar. Place the baking soda in a closed container and add in it from the essential oil. Close the container well and shake. Then shake the mixture into a sieve and spray it evenly over the entire surface of the mattress. Leave it to stand for about two hours, and  then sweep the vacuum cleaner thoroughly on the mattress.

Also, to avoid bacteria on the mattress, transfer the bed linen to the highest temperature by eliminating all the bacteria that have accumulated in it. Suck the upper and lower side of the mattress. This way you will remove all the dust from it. That is, if you have the opportunity to put the mattress on the sun every 2-3 months.

Another ingredient that you also have in your home and can help you to clean the mattress is alcohol. Take a spray bottle and put alcohol in it. Apply evenly over the entire length of the mattress. Leave it for several hours until it dries well. Then, with a vacuum cleaner, collect all the dust. Do not wait, the results are unexpected.


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