Easy Ways To Clean Your Curtains And Maintain Them Fresh And Clean

The sun’s rays that penetrate the windows, the cooking of food in your kitchen as well as the possibility of smoking in your homes are one of the main factors that negatively affect the appearance and cleanliness of your curtains. The curtains are the largest magnets for collecting dust after them, which can also cause various allergic reactions and can be harmful to the health of the people. Caring for your curtains depends on the material of the curtain itself. Depending on the type of material from which the curtain is made, you can wash it in  a washing machine or use a steam-powered appliance. The polyester is the easiest material  to maintain your curtains clean. To keep your curtains clean, at least once a month, you need to clean them with a vacuum cleaner to remove all particles and pig from them. But always the vacuum cleaner should be set to the reduced suction so that the curtain does not get into the nozzle and its damage.

Another way to clean  the dirt from the curtains is to bring back the correct whiteness with the help of vinegar, and it is soft. . Put the curtains in a washing machine, add half a cup of soft vinegar and detergent. Wash for about 40 minutes. During the washing, the smell of vinegar will disappear. Try it now, the results are unbelievable and your curtains are white and beautiful.

You can also wash the curtains in lukewarm water with 2 to 3 tablespoons of detergent. Let them lie in the trough for about half an hour. Then rinse with cold water and put a softener for a wonderful smell of freshness. After removing the curtains, place them on the wire on your balcony so that the curtain does not get stuck. Make sure that the wire is clean so as not to leave any additional spots on the curtain while it is moist.



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