Fantastic Open Air Resorts In Exotic Place In South Africa

While many people in winter are surrounded by a ice, snow and nasty cold temperatures, it is fun to dream about exotic places to vacation as “Lion Sands Game Reserve”. Situated in Sabi Sand Reserve in South Africa, this is the perfect place to escape from reality. Here you can watch the wild fauna such as lions, hippos and giraffes freely as they move through their natural habitat, and you also are accommodated in a luxurious residence with a view that is breathtaking.

At the resort you can choose to stay at one of five cottages and three houses of wood, each with their own unique experience. The cottages have large rooms with private decks that overlook the beauty of the Sabi River and Kruger National Park. For the more adventurous types, little houses of wood allow sleeping outdoors. As the sun sets and night tactics, various amenities, including the absence of electricity, will allow you to feel like you’re one with nature.This huge space is open for research and Resort offers numerous opportunities for safaris and tours tailored to your interests. Fantastic Resort provides spa services, swimming pools and wonderful experience while eating. Along with his environment, he is definitely a place of dreams.





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