Five Tips to Learn How to Prevent House Fires

A fire disaster is one of the worst things that can happen to your home. A house fire could destroy all your belongings, crucial documents, and take away all the beautiful memories that you have made in your home. In the worst-case scenario, house fires can lead to death or serious injuries. This is why it is important to take all necessary steps to prevent fire breakout in the house. Below are five tips to prevent house tips.

  • Check Your Smoke Alarm: A fire alarm is essential to fire safety equipment to have in the home. The function of a fire alarm is to alert you when there is fire or smoke. If your fire alarm is faulty, it might fail to alert you when there is a fire outbreak resulting in a house fire. It is therefore necessary to check your smoke alarm regularly to be sure that it is functioning optimally. If the alarm beeps weakly during the check, make sure to change the batteries as soon as possible. In addition to the regular check, ensure to change the batteries of the alarm for at least a year.


  • Keep Flammable Items In A Safe Place: There are a lot of items in the house that are quite flammable. It is very important to keep these items in safe places, to prevent fire outbreaks. These items include dry leaves and lawn clippings, gasoline and paint thinner, flour and cooking oil, as well as nail polish and hair spray. After working on your lawn, make sure to keep lawn clippings and dry leaves away from the house. Also keep hairspray and nail polish properly capped, and away from open flame. Store flour and cooking oil in a cool dry place.


  • Keep Pets Away From Electrical Appliances: Pets could mindlessly start a house fire by playing with wires or electrical appliances. Keep your pets away from all electrical cords, as they might see them as chew toys. Also, be sure to create barricades that will keep them away from electrical appliances.


  • Check Your Home Appliances: Always carry out regular checks on your home appliances, as a faulty appliance could result in a fire outbreak. Check the electrical wiring, paying close attention to attics, basements and crawl spaces. The chimney of the house should also be checked regularly. In addition, always clean your stove and oven frequently, to eliminate grease.

Get an EICR Test done, the report will help you identify any underlying problems with the fixed wiring in your home.

  • Be Careful With Candles: Scented candles are very nice, as they create a lovely ambience in the home. It is however important to exercise caution when using one, as it is an open-source of the fire. Remember to always put out the candle whenever you are leaving the room. Also, be sure to keep the candle far from flammable objects within the house.

Preventing a house fire can be a lot easier by following the tips above. It is also important that you get an efficient smoke alarm from a trusted fire safety equipment supplier.

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