Foam Mattress Caring Tips That Will Make It Last Longer

Foam mattresses provide your tired body with the comfort and support they need to sleep, relax and re-energize for another busy day. That’s why you put a lot of effort, time, and money into finding the right mattress for your needs. They can cost a fortune as they are made from high quality and durable materials to serve you for many years. However, mattress durability is heavily impacted by the care you give it. Simply changing your sheets is not enough to make your mattress last longer and remain in good shape. The memory foam mattress is an excellent investment as it can last between 10 and 15 years, but if well maintained, it can last longer. Below, we’ve put together some of the best ways to care for your mattress and increase its lifespan.

1. Rotate The Mattress from Head to Toe

Your mattress will likely develop permanent indentations after some time in the places where the body lies. To prevent the mattress from sagging from one end or having one part of the end growing softer and older than the rest, manufacturers recommend rotating the mattress at least every three to four months. A simple way to remember this is to turn the mattress every season. Most mattresses are designed to be rotated, but you should not flip if your mattress has a softer and firmer side. You can always enquire about the flippable mattress before you buy it.

2. Make Sure Your Mattress is Properly Supported

Like most mattresses, foam mattresses stay in shape and look healthier when supported by a firm and solid foundation beneath them. Make sure to use a high-quality box spring under your mattress and replace it whenever it begins to lose its support. This helps preserve mattress materials and prevent premature wear. You can check your bed’s support every year to ensure there are no broken springs or slats that could lead to mattress damage.

3. Invest in a Mattress Protector

You should use a mattress protector from the first day you buy your mattress. In fact, you should purchase them together. A mattress protector offers waterproof protection against spills, stains, and other accidents that could damage your mattress. They also reduce the amount of dust and debris that penetrates your mattress. Foam mattress protectors offer the simplest form of protection from scratches, dirt, sweat, skin oils, and all the unwanted debris on your mattress. They make cleaning easy and add some comfort and style to your bed.

4. Vacuum the Mattress Regularly

Just like our couches and carpets, our mattresses also collect dirt and debris that can accumulate if not cleaned regularly. One of the fastest and easiest ways to keep your mattress in tip-top condition is by vacuuming it often. You can use a less powerful vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to trap dust, hair, and other unwanted particles. Pay attention to the hard-to-reach areas as dirt is likely to hide there.

5. Clean Your Mattress Covers and Bedsheets Frequently

This may sound pretty obvious, but it’s important to mention that cleaning your bedding helps preserve your mattress’s lifespan. Your mattress protector or bed sheets separate you from getting into direct contact with your mattress. These two collect dirt, sweat, oils, stains, and pet dander which can damage your mattress if not cleaned regularly. Washing your pillowcases and sheets is also crucial for your health, especially if you’re allergic to dust and pet dander. These items should be washed once or twice a week. Items that don’t come into contact with your body, such as the duvet, can be washed less frequently.

6. Allow Your Memory Foam Mattress to Breathe

Mattresses are bulk items that mostly require more than one person to lift. Airing such mattresses can be pretty challenging, and that’s why many people tend to skip it. If you can carry your mattress by yourself or have a partner who doesn’t mind helping you do this, taking your mattress outside into the sun or on the balcony for airing can help extend its health and life. Airing in the sun helps kill germs, odors, and other harmful bacteria and mold. This step is quite essential if you sweat a lot at night or live in hot areas. The drier the mattress, the healthier it becomes. You can choose to air your mattress after removing stains or after cleaning it.

7. Follow Memory Foam Guidelines When Cleaning

You should always check the label on the mattress for instructions on cleaning to ensure the longevity of your mattress. If you don’t have the label or guide with you, you can always check on Foam’s website. Foam recommends starting your cleaning with vacuuming. You can use a brush attachment to get into the hard-to-reach areas and catch all the crumbs, surface dirt, lint, and other debris. They also recommend using a solution to clean the mattresses and deodorize before the mattress dries. Cleaning should be done once every year.

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