Fun in the Sun: Top Beach Sports

Going to the beach is one of the most relaxing and stress-free ways to spend a day. Throw in a cool breeze and some clear, pristine water, and you have your own little paradise where you can waste the day away. While relaxing on a towel and going for a swim are the obvious beach choices, that’s not all there is to do.

There’s a multitude of sports meant specifically for the beach that can make your next water-based trip with your friends all that more memorable. The beach has the relatively even sand, which is a very grippy surface that isn’t too hard should you fall and land on it, and of course, you have the opportunity to cool down right beside you should you get a little too exerted. At the bare minimum, beach sports are a fantastic way to kill some time while you wait to dry off.

Lost for what sports we’re talking about? We’ll go over just a few favorites right now:

Beach Volleyball

This one is practically cliché at this point, but for a good reason. Beach volleyball is extremely easy to set up and play, and draws the attention of others on the beach, making it a great social sport. All you need is a net and a ball, and the rest always seems to fall in place on its own. Want to know more about this sport? Learn fun volleyball facts that you can impress your fellow players with!


With the long stretch of relatively flat ground typical of the beach, frisbee is a fantastic way to make use of all of that real estate. Just make sure your throwing skills are up to snuff, and that you don’t get in anybody’s way.

Beach Football

What makes playing beach football a great time is how soft and forgiving getting tackled onto sand is. Just make sure to close your eyes any time you get wrestled to the ground, or maybe invest in a decent pair of glasses to keep the sand out of your eyes.

Beach Soccer

Compared to the perfectly manicured fields typical of soccer games, playing soccer on the sand makes for an exciting and different experience from what most soccer players are used to. The ball will move much less predictably, and the players need to consider the moves much more carefully than on turf. Make sure not to twist any ankles, though.

Beach Flags

This game is most easily compared to musical chairs. The game organizer puts flags or items to be collected out onto the beach, but the catch is there’s one less item than there are competitors. Whoever can’t collect an item or flag is eliminated. This is continued until only the winner remains. Expect a lot of jumping and flying around. Things are probably going to get physical very quickly.


There are tons of ways to enjoy your time at the beach, and it’s highly recommended to get creative and make up some games of your own. Think about the terrain and landscape of the beach, and try to figure out how you could exploit it to make for a competitive and interesting game for your friends to take part. A trip to the beach doesn’t have to be all about lounging and swimming, you know. If you’re interested in more ways to enjoy your time on the beach, check out Adventure Genesis for some other ideas.

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