Functional Small Apartment- Ideas To Design It

The small apartment is charming, cute, intimate, easy to maintain, you clean it in half an hour… These are all sentences that comfort us all who have lived in small apartments for years. Let’s be realistic, there are positive and negative things that functional small apartments have. Maybe the negative ones prevail, because give a person too little space for all his wishes and needs. But on the other side, small apartmenst can be functional and cozy in the same time.

Organizing Sleep Area

One of the fundamental questions is how to organize sleep? If the apartment has a separate bedroom, then the matter is more or less clear. But if not, the fundamental question is whether to buy a sofa bed and make a large living room that turns into a bedroom at night? If you want a normal bed, you don’t have to build walls that will split the space. The sleeping area can be separated by a shelf, a sliding wall or some other type of partition.

Opt For Multifunctional Furniture

In order for life in a small functional apartment, the most important thing is to make it practical, systematic and cozy. When choosing every piece of furniture, in addition to aesthetics, you should pay attention to functionality and multifunctionality. Multifunctional, movable, transformable are the key words that you should always keep in mind when it comes to small apartments. And don’t forget that there is a height of space at your disposal, that should be used wisely.

Decorating Functional Small Apartment

Make sure that all parts of the apartment, and all rooms, are proportional. In a small apartment, avoid oversized kitchens and bathrooms. Use every inch of the apartment and be sure to opt for custom-made furniture. Remember, in small apartments there is never enough space for all the things, and things multiply over the years. Plan a lot of shelves and closets, no matter how many people live in the apartment. The furniture must not be too massive, not to enclose the space, and must be cleverly designed. A safe choice always is a bright or white furniture. Bunk beds save space, and are usually first choice. The bed upstairs variant, with a work corner or closet below it, is also a very welcome solution.

Organize the space in different heights and create a multifunctional custom-made furniture with your carpenter. Prefer bright colors and don’t be afraid to add some extravagant detail. Use our advices, and create functional and comfortable small living space!





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