Helpful Budget Planning And Money Savings Tricks All Of Us Should Know

There are some statistics that show that during the weekend people spend more money than they do on Monday or Tuesday for example. Because the family uses to have more activities together during the weekend they spend more money on things they don’t buy during the week. In order to reduce or at even to slash your spending without having to give up some of the things your family enjoys the most, we are going to share with you some budget planning tricks. read them below.

Forget the debit cards

When you pay with a debit or credit card, you don’t feel it and you spend more money than you would spend when using cash. That is why you should use more cash payments than cards payments, so that you will see what you are actually spending, and you can’t spend what you don’t have with you.


Compare fuel prices

Nowadays people spend one big amount of their salary on gas. In order to reduce your gas spending avoid picking up gas wherever you drive to a station, but instead be more strategic, and try to find the best rates for fuel in your areas and pick up gas there. Today you can compare gas prices even using some phone applications that can locate the best rates near you.

Plan your route

Always make plans about the route you are going to take the day. To save money try to avoid wasting gas by logging extra miles. Instead plan all the places you can visit on one route, or even invest in a large family car with fold-flat seat backs , so you can take all your planed activities ( going to the grocery, bringing the kids to school…) and cut down the number of trips you need to finish all your plans.


Keep your eye on the prize

Always share with your kids all the important matters for you as a family if you want to cut costs. If your kids are aware that you are saving for a new TV, a vacation or some new clothes then they will understand easily when you ask them to not spend all the money you give to them, but to make some savings for the whole family that will be used to buy important things for the whole family.


Map out your family’s meals

For weekend people use to eat more outside their homes which means some extra costs that they don’t have during the week. In order to save some money, consider that some meals such as spaghetti, Caesar salad, chicken salad etc. can be easily prepared in your own kitchen on half a price.


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