Helping Cleaning Tricks To Organize Your Wardrobe For The Spring

Because of the corona virus outbreak many people have to stay at home in self-quarantine. In order to fill your day spend at home we recommend you to take some closet cleaning activity. The spring is here, and it is time to change the warm sweaters and coats with cooler clothes, so below see some cleaning helping tricks that will make it easier for you to organize and clean your wardrobe.

Group, group, group

Grouping the clothes is always a smart idea. Those ways you will always know where are kept your pants, your t-shirts, skirts… You get the point, right? If you want to find something in your wardrobe quickly, you must know where you have placed it, and there is no better way for that but by grouping the clothes.


Personalize in a snap

Use boxes to keep items you don’t use every day, such as lightweight scarves that you use only in spring or summer. Print a picture of the item and tape it on the box so you know what you are keeping in there or write with a marker on the box. You can select many items like that to keep in boxes, that way organizing all the mess in your wardrobe and getting some extra space in.


Short on Space?

Just look around your room if everything you keep in is something you use too? Not at all right? Well it is time to pack up all the clothes, accessories and other items you don’t wear anymore and free the space for those that you do wear. Simply, right?


Hanger Trick

This is a perfect trick you can try this spring and summer season to know what are you going to pack up the next spring and summer season. The tick is so simple: when you get put your spring clothes, put the hangers in backward on the rod, but then when you wear some of them, hang it up facing the front. That way you will see which clothes you never wore during the season, are they are getting the status of “the next to be pack up next year”.


Buff Up Your Closet

Spring is the season when we pack the winter sweaters and coats, and replace them with dresses and t-shirts on the shelves of the wardrobe.  But, before you do it, first, vacuum the closet floor, clean the shelves and make the closet fresh for the new clothes.


Divide and conquer

If you try to do the entire wardrobe at once believe us, you won’t do anything, because you will get exhausted fast. That is why we recommend you to start with the pants, then to continue with the shoes, the next day the coats… That way you will have something to do every day and in only few days your wardrobe will be perfectly looking.


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