This Man Put A Secret Window On His Kitchen Floor. The Reason? GENIUS!

We all want to make our homes more unique and absolutely amazing place. Sometimes if your budget allow you you can improve your home with a bit more space and experiment with a room for a special occasions like creating and movie room, or making a special indoor pool and many other that make the home more unique and more amazing.
In this post we present you another unique idea in one home. At a first view it looks like a some mistake or just a kind of a joke when you will see the window in the kitchen floor. And maybe everyone will ask why would anyone put a window into the floor of their kitchen ? But when you get closer and when you open it you could notice the entire room hidden in the floor. Scroll down in the photos to see what is in this room and how brilliant it looks. Enjoy!

A window in the floor seems that looks like a mistake at a first view


Than you come closer and you realise it’s a whole new room


With stairs leading to a monster wine cellar designed to keep the wine at a perfect temperature

3 4source

New home design trend that’s happening more and more frequently



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Jim Stone
Jim Stone
9 years ago

It still doesn’t make sense to be glass, unless it is strong enough to also walk on.

Meg Clare
Meg Clare
9 years ago

I think its a waste of perfectly good space, that’s a lot of wine in a time when cutting back on these vices is supposed to be the norm.

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