Safety Tips For Too Sensitive Smoke Detector

In both residential and commercial settings, smoke alarms have been found to be a cheap, convenient, and effective way to protect occupants and property from the possible risks of fires. However, this is only possible if they are properly functioning. Nonetheless, issues such as a smoke alarm that goes off untriggered are not uncommon. In most such cases, it is about too sensitive smoke detector. When it keeps raising false alarms, all you want is either to completely get rid of it or better fix them fast. But before you ditch it or consider replacing it, there are some things you can do to rectify the problem.


Here are some home safety tips to easily fix a too sensitive smoke detector:

1. Relocation

It may be because the smoke detector was installed in the wrong place. Placement matters a lot, especially when it comes to a smoke detector. Cooking vapors and other kitchen-related smokes can trigger a false smoke alarm. You may, therefore, need to move it away from the kitchen or the bathroom. However, you’ll need to first tape it using duct tape before making some new holes in your walls or ceiling. This way you’ll get to know how it performs in the new location. If you are happy with the results, go ahead and make it permanent. This may be just a couple of feet away from the kitchen or the bathroom.

2. Make Use of the Mute Button

Most smoke detectors come with an inbuilt mute option that is operated using a remote controller. This will give you about 10-15 minutes before the smoke detector goes off again. This is only a temporary solution before deciding on a more permanent solution. If your smoke detector is connected to your home alarm system, you can use the alarm code, the “hush” or “silence” features to silence the loud siren.

3. Clean It

Even the cleanest of homes have dust, this is not to downplay your cleaning efforts. Accumulated dust particles could be the reason your smoke detector is too sensitive. It will cost you nothing except a bit of energy to wipe off the dust from the smoke detector. However, you may need to revisit the manufacturer’s instructions concerning cleaning. Also, too much of smoke can leave residues inside the smoke detector unit, making it too sensitive or even less sensitive. So, either way, cleaning does help.

4. Seek Professional Help

Depending on who sold or installed the smoke detector alarm, smoke detector maintenance and repair services are always available. The best and safest way to restore proper functioning of your smoke detector is to seek professional help. Sometimes, you’ll only need to give your manufacturer or service provider a call and they’ll guide you through the troubleshooting process. At times, you’ll need to spend some bucks to get your fire alarm system back up and running.


You may also need anxiety and depression counseling because alarms trigger your brain to react in a certain way. Over time, this can cause your anxiety levels go higher every time you hear a fire or smoke alarm. While there is yet a name befitting the fear of smoke alarms, it’s important to know how to overcome these fears. But the best thing to do is fix the root problem, the smoke detector.

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