Home Upgrades That Contributes To Better Security

Your residence is a place where you would not like to feel insecure. It is a place to unwind with your loved ones far away from the hustles and bustles of this busy world. However, it can be a traumatic experience in case there is a violation of peace within your house. This can happen if any theft or burglary takes place in your residence or if there is any other breach of security. That is why it is very important to make home upgrades that contribute to better security for you along with your loved ones. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about how to perform these upgrades to make your stay in your abode a peaceful one.

1. Install motion sensitive lighting

It has been found by a recent survey that thugs and burglars find it difficult to conceal themselves in places which are illuminated. In fact, light can be considered to be amongst the most effective and also simplest deterrent against burglary and theft at present. It will help to prevent any criminal from intruding into your residence, and therefore we can consider it to be the first line of defense. In the past, we had to depend on unreliable motion sensors and also conspicuous floodlights. But now, things have changed and it is possible to illuminate our driveway, yard, porch, patio, and any other area within our residence where a burglar can conceal in the dark.

Given that there so many choices when it comes to lighting, we have mentioned some effective guidelines which will allow you to select high-quality bulbs and sensors out there.

  • Make it a point to purchase energy-efficient and solar-powered lights, particularly when the bulbs will be lighted for a long time.
  • Opt for motion sensors having a detection range of a minimum of 40 feet in areas where you would like to turn on the lights whenever somebody approaches.
  • Make sure that the bulbs come with a high output of light so that it is possible to cover a vast area.
  • Search for heat proof and waterproof lighting products on the market which will make sure that the outdoor lighting does not short out once you require them the most.

It can be overwhelming while selecting the most effective lighting options for your residence. However, make a research and look at the online reviews to get a fair idea on the products.

2. Buy your house in a safe locality

It will be a sensible idea to purchase your residence in a locality which is safe and also peaceful. Your real estate agent, for a variety of reasons, cannot provide you with these details; therefore, you will need to look for it on your own. Use the Internet to get crime data for the region. Your subsequent step will be to visit the local police station. At times, the local criminal offense statistics of a specific neighborhood will be posted by them on the web. Lastly, it will be sensible to identify any indication of crime problems in the area where you are planning to move in. Lots of anti-theft items will depict that the area is haunted by criminals on a regular basis. Amongst these, alarm company signs and bars on the windows deserve special mention.

The price of a property in a less hazardous area is going to be more than that in a more risky one. This can be looked at in the following manner: You, in fact, possess something more valuable given that the resale price of the property is higher than that of a residence in an unsafe area. In this regard, you need not invest much for upgrading your house in terms of security.

3. Get a dog

Getting a dog can be a low cost for preventing the entry of criminals out there. These animals can drive away any intruder by barking loudly, and in case you do not prefer to own a pooch you can at least put a sign at the gate that reads “Beware of Dogs”. Make it a point to get a strong and loyal furry friend like a German Shepherd for guarding your home. Even a small and aggressive dog can get the job done for you.

4. Strong house numbers

It will be feasible to make the presence of your house stronger in the neighborhood by posting a visible as well as legible house number. The number ought to be visible at night too. In fact, a well-positioned and noticeable house number will allow the emergency personnel to react to any urgent situation quickly and efficiently. Reflective house numbers are sold by several regional fire departments to the public at present.

5. Windows

The windows in your house must not be opened more than 6 inches such that no intruder can gain entry into your house through them. Make it a point to use windows which won’t break easily, and you should likewise ensure that they don’t slide out of the frame. This can be achieved by screwing in the windows to the window frames. You may likewise install windows featuring a small jam device which will allow you to keep the windows open without any opportunity of opening them further.

6. Safeguard your garage

Even though we devote a lot of time to protect your doors and windows, we often tend to overlook the garage which can be a gateway for the thieves. In case the garage is adjacent to your home or in case you keep valuable things there, it is time for you to take steps in safeguarding your garage as well.

For this, you may use a zip tie. It is a device that you need to connect to a loop in an emergency latch and thieves will not be able to deactivate the automatic door and enter inside. Besides a zip tie, another essential step will be to keep the garage door opener in your residence. Do not keep it in the car since the thieves can get it from there easily. Also, make it a point to fortify the garage door and for this, you can hire a competent garage door repair company in your area. There are many sites on the web where you will come across professional technicians and one of them happens to be OKDiscountGarageDoor.com. All these services will offer new garage door installations, garage door repair, opener repair, and so forth.

7. Make the house appear lived-in

This is important since the intruders would suspect that either you are present in the house or will return soon. However, it is important to be meticulous about the fact that leaving any tell-tale might indicate that you are out of your residence. Do not allow any mail to pile up, not to mention flyers as well. Allow your close buddy to bring in the mail as well as circulars which pile up. Do not keep the porch lights switched on while you are out. Make it a point to leave trash on the curb several days prior to the pickup.

There are several other effective ways in which it is possible to make your house appear lived-in: While you are outside, allow the post office to put on hold the mail delivery. This can be done by applying to the post office or with the postal department online. Park your automobile in the driveway. In case you do not own any vehicle or are going out for a trip along with your car, request your friend or neighbor to park there. Ask that person to mow your lawn as well apart from watering the plants and closing the curtains too. Take care of any other tasks that can leave perceptible marks to the public.

8. Guard your perimeter

It will be possible to scare off any criminal by putting motion sensor lights on the property. In case you are not in a position to put in any such stuff, then at least go for the regular lights. The burglars will become exposed by these lights and this will help to safeguard your perimeter effectively.

You may likewise build a fence which will help your house to stay away from thieves as well. A fence, even if it is short, will inform the intruder that he needs to overcome an obstacle before entering your residence.

Another sensible idea will be to manicure your house; in fact, pruning the trees on a regular basis will make it clear to the burglar that your property is maintained by you. This will likewise imply that your house is safeguarded effectively as well. This will allow you to get rid of any hiding place for the thieves out there.

9. Invest in an alarm system

Although alarm systems might cost you some cash, as per the experts, you need not spend an excessive amount for buying the device. In fact, there is no need for you to go for a fancy one. The sign of the company will be the most effective deterrent to the offender. On many occasions, the companies attempt to entice the folks with monitoring packages and sophisticated systems. Try to purchase an alarm system that produces a shocking sound which is all that a property owner will need.

10. Doors

The route preferred the most by the burglars at present for entering into a residence is the door. It is tough to gain entry through the windows and taking the valuables out will be even more difficult. Therefore, it will be imperative for any property owner out there to take adequate measures to safeguard their doors as best as they can. Otherwise, the intruder will simply kick in with no resistance at all.

The first and foremost thing you should do will be to upgrade the locks. In fact, you need not break the bank for buying a lock of good quality, and there is no need to call a locksmith for installing them. This can be performed by you on your own easily.

Reinforcing your door will be perhaps the best thing that you can do for keeping your house protected. For this, try to go for a strike plate of better quality. It happens to be the metallic part which the bolt will slide into on the door-post. A plate which is of poor quality can provide the thief with an opportunity to break the door. You might likewise try to get hold of a plate featuring holes for 6 screws. Use 3-inch screws for attaching the plate, and this will provide greater strength.

Last but not least, go for a solid door which is a superior option as compared to a hollow-core one. In fact, it is hard to break a solid door thus providing better protection to your property.

11. Have additional power supply for enhanced protection

An additional power supply will offer you more security. It will ensure that your security system does not falter at any stage due to a shortage of power when a criminal is encroaching into your abode in the wee hours.

12. Bulletproof the walls, windows, and doors

Bullet proof window, doors, and walls are not intended only for the financial institutions and the police stations. At present, they are being used in many residences as well. You have several options available to you for stopping bullets including a do-it-yourself sandbag wall, a custom ballistics retrofit, and so on.

Making an upgrade that contributes to enhanced security will make sure that all of your valuable items along with your loved ones are safe and secure. It will likewise enhance the value of your house and will fetch you a good sum in case you decide to sell it in the future. Never allow any theft or burglary to take place in your house due to defective security items. Stick to the above guidelines mentioned in this article to get the job done for you. If you have any other idea coming in your mind feel free to implement it as well. It is your responsibility to maintain the safety of your family members who are residing in your house, and these tips will allow you to do just that.

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