Flowers Have Never Been This Manly Before

There are qualities a real man should not be ashamed to admit, being in a committed relationship, for instance, or knowing how to cook something other than barbecue, but never had given or received flowers is not one of them. If you had no imagination and asked someone what he or she wanted, the answer may range from high-end jewelry or phones to “anything.” But if you use your head and gave flowers, the response is almost guaranteed to be positive.

So why flowers?

It is not just a nod to tradition. Even people who claim to be too practical for flowers have to admit flowers look beautiful — that is why, throughout history, attractive men and women have always been described as, painted or photographed with or ornamented with flowers.

When you give someone flowers, you are basically paying a subtle and highly skilled compliment — “These flowers reminded me of you” — so there is practically no way to give the “wrong” flowers.

Even if the flowers are not the person’s favorite type or color, a fresh bouquet typically lasts no longer than a month, i.e. not long enough for anyone to get bored of it. If the person does not appreciate being given flowers, you should probably think carefully about whether he or she appreciates you at all.

What kinds of flowers are best?

You can order two dozen long-stemmed roses in advance in time for a special day, for hundreds of dollars or you can pick up a chocolate rose from the grocery store for a buck. Frankly, the more you give your partner flowers, the less the recipient will notice the quantity or price, and the more thoughtful and romantic you will seem. It is a win-win situation. It is not difficult to find out someone’s favorite color, as most people love to talk about themselves and their tastes.

You can get even more creative by choosing non-traditional flowers, such as flowers folded from sheet music for a music lover, or a single flower hammered out of solid metal for a mechanic, engineer, or anyone who puts up a tough exterior. There are even edible “flowers” made of fruit or other tasty things: The Manly Man Company – Roses, for instance, are beef jerky shaped into a no-fuss bouquet, displayed in a beer glass. No one said the flowers had to be feminine or impractical.

What is the best way to give someone flowers?

Whisking a surprise bouquet or a single flower from behind your back will always be effective. Ordering flowers to be delivered to your loved one at work or to a restaurant where you are having dinner takes a little more work, but is surprising and has the bonus of making bystanders envious.

Whether your recipient is a professor or a laborer, coworkers and acquaintances will be sure to comment on how lucky they are to receive flowers, especially if you sent them “just because,” rather than for a specific holiday and how wonderful you are as a partner. If you both enjoy being low-key, however, you could leave flowers on the kitchen table or bed, with no frills or fireworks.

Regardless, you and your intended recipient’s personalities, flowers always make a good surprise. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can find them in a wide range of colors, prices, or even materials. You can even give the same person a delicate bouquet of pink lilies and a manly bunch of pork jerky roses in the same year, just to keep them on their toes. Send flowers often, and no one will ever say you do not have a gift-giving game.

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