How to Choose Proper Shoes for Any Type of Travel Journeys

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Steps to Selecting the Best Travel Shoes

When you’re packing to travel, you pay attention to every detail, including picking safety essentials. But one thing people forget is choosing the right shoes for their journeys. Not every shoe is designed to handle every situation, so your everyday shoes might not come in handy in some situations. Having comfortable travel shoes will make your experience enjoyable. You’ll not enjoy the trip if your feet are in pain. Bad shoes will slow you down as you also have to make stops to relieve your feet.

Choosing proper travel shoes can seem like a chore as there are many options suited for different conditions. If you’re not knowledgeable about shoes, you might end up picking a pair only suited for short journeys while you want something that can endure more than 8 hours on your feet. Check out Lucky Feet Shoesas they have an array of footwear that are tailored for your needs. Here some tips to help you pick the right shoes for long travel.

Comfort is King – Utility over Fashion

Suitable travel shoes are not only about looking good. They should provide sufficient protection to your feet to ensure you don’t endure discomfort and pain. Besides, when you sacrifice fashion, you can afford to travel lighter, making your journey even more comfortable. Utility means you can pick a single pair of shoes that can serve multiple purposes. In picking shoes for travel, consider finding lightweight and comfortable footwear suited for different climates.

Owning shoes that you can hike around in and feel comfortable wearing to a restaurant is a plus. If you can find multi-purpose shoes that are lightweight and comfortable, you could even carry an extra pair. This is important if you’re backpacking and would want to go minimalist. Most people traveling carry one bag, so there’s little space to add big items. In everything you do, here at Gym Expert we encourage you to remember comfort is king, and any pair of shoes you choose must satisfy this need.

Think About Functionality

Shoes for travel in cold weather might be different from shoes you wear in a hot climate. Even when visiting cities, you might need different types of shoes for every new place you visit, depending on the conditions. When planning your journey, think about the places you’ll visit.

If you’re packing for hiking that involves walking on rough terrain, it’s recommended to find proper travel hiking shoes. For regular travel on less demanding terrain, hiking sandals would work well. You could also need waterproof travel shoes for those trips to the beach or when you take an expedition cruise.

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Try Shoes Before You Buy

Just looking at shoes is not enough to make the right decision. If you want good travel shoes, you should visit a shop and wear them to know how they feel on your feet. For shoes you already have at home, you could wear them several times before your trip to know if they would make a good choice for your journey.

Of course, when you buy shoes online, you can return if they are not the right size or designed for you. Testing the shoes helps you to pick ones that are supportive, flexible, and comfortable. When testing, you should:

  • Test shoes wearing socks to get the right size. If you have different designs of socks, use the thickest socks.
  • Test them during the afternoon. Your feet naturally swell around this time, so you can tell how the shoes fit throughout the day.
  • When you wear the shoes, take several steps. Maybe do some walking in the house to know how they feel while walking.
  • For orders you place online, consult size guides and only order from retailers who offer a clear return policy if the shoes are not the correct fit.

The bottom line is to prioritize orthopedic footwear. Shoes with quality footbeds make a huge difference as you always have that scientific support under your soles to cushion the ball of your feet and the heels. Arch support is also important when choosing shoes to wear when traveling.

Carry Only What You Need

Sometimes you don’t need to carry many pairs of shoes for different situations. It’s recommended to find shoes that can serve several purposes. A minimalist list for a round-the-world trip could include light hikers (waterproofing is essential for travel shoes if you’re visiting a cold region); a pair of sandals for beaches or showers. If you’re stopping at different cities and you would love to indulge in nice meals out, a pair of ballet flats might come in handy.

How Many Pairs of Shoes Should You Pack for a Trip?

Probably you’re wondering if there are specific numbers of shoes to carry for your next trip. This decision is informed by a lot of considerations, including the kind of places you want to visit, the terrain, and activities you’ll take part in.

The short answer should be three pairs, which might seem impossible to some people. However, with lightweight travel shoes, you can manage to squeeze a few pairs into your luggage. Shoes take quite some room, so here are the pairs you should add to your list of items to carry.

●      Walking travel shoes

Look for that pair of shoes you can wear for walking to breakfast and beyond. Lace-up shoes offer easier adjustability and can handle up to 10 hours of hiking or sightseeing. If you do serious hiking, you will require a well-made pair of hiking boots, and you’ll have to accept they’ll weigh more than flats or sandals. It’s advisable to wear the boots while in transit, so they’ll not take up space. You can swap with lightweight shoes as needed when you arrive at your destination.

●      Dress shoes

Fancy dinners and other such events will require footwear like dress shoes. You cannot show up in sneakers, so search for a versatile pair of shoes that will work perfectly during the day and night on different occasions. Slip-on sandals with some heel could work well in some situations.

●      Boots

For those trips to a cold zone, you should pack a pair of water-resistant travel shoes. You can go with a low-cut boot, which can look sharp with tights and jeans and even some summer dresses. Just look for a neutral tone and a lightweight pair.

●      Running shoes

For the person who loves running to stay fit, carrying running shoes comes as a no-brainer. Some shoes would work for running and walking. You can pack a versatile pair or find two lightweight options.

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Preparing to travel means putting together items that will make the trip comfortable. Shoes are an essential part of your journey as they protect your feet. When choosing shoes for travel, prioritize fit and comfort as you don’t want any irritations mid-journey. Also, consider the kind of terrain you’ll walk through, and if there are special occasions, you might need to pack shoes that are befitting.

What do you plan to wear on your next trip? Share some tips for those looking for the perfect pair of shoes to wear when traveling. Leave a comment below.

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