The different factors determining cost of engagement ring in Singapore

Getting engaged is a lifelong commitment and the best way of making your relationship stronger is by gifting an engagement ring to the love of your life. This is an amazing symbol of love, care and trust and hence you should be careful at the time of buying an engagement ring. You should be careful while buying a ring for your lady love so that you can impress her with your choice and you also need to make sure that the ring that you are buying will be a true investment for you. There are many factors that you will need to consider during the selection of the engagement ring but the most important and significant factor is the cost of engagement ring in Singapore. It will determine whether you have purchased an affordable option or not and you also need to be within your budget while buying a ring that will be according to your preferences and requirements.

engagement ring in Singapore

The cost of an engagement ring in Singapore constitutes a major portion of your wedding budget and you should consider all the elements that can affect the price of the ring. Therefore, the right selection of the jewellery store is extremely important because when you have a reputable store, you will get high quality diamond rings at the best price. Moreover, you should also have access to large varieties of diamond rings based on the cut, clarity, color and size of the diamond as it directly affects the price of the ring. Moreover, you should look for an affordable option so that you will get a ring that will be within your budget so that you will not face financial issues while making the big purchases. The most important factor that determines the cost of the ring is the size of the diamonds that you get in the ring. Large sized diamonds in the ring will be much higher priced than many smaller diamonds to create one ring and hence the size of the diamonds that you want will determine the price of the ring. You also have the option of customizing the ring so that you can easily select all the factors of the ring according to your budget and preferences. You can also add some colored gemstones into the ring because it is lower in price as compared to the diamonds. Moreover, a solitaire ring is more expensive as compared to its counterparts and hence you should make sure to keep in mind the preference of your ladylove while selecting a ring that she will love wearing and flaunting.

engagement ring to choose in Singapore

There are different ways in which you can lower the cost of the diamond ring and the best way is to buy loose diamonds and get it set into a ring by any reputable jeweler. Rather than buying a single big piece of diamond, you should opt for smaller sized diamonds so that you will save a considerable amount of money on the purchase of the ring. The cut of the diamonds also affects its price and you should select options that have alternative settings and shapes so that you will have to spend a lower amount of money on the purchase of an engagement ring.

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