How To Make Your House Look Cleaner Than It Actually Is

Everyone wants their houses to be clean, but let’s be honest, it’s hard to keep them like that all the time. Things can get pretty hectic with all the tasks we have to finish throughout the day, and although 10-15 minutes of cleaning up can make the home look cleaner, we are usually too tired to give a damn. But what do you do when guests call you that they will be at your place unexpectedly? We have to fake a neat home really quickly because we don’t have the time to clean it thoroughly. Here are some tips that will show you how to make your house look cleaner than it actually isn’t. It’s much easier to give it a clean appearance than trying to clean everything in just half an hour or so.

First, clean up the rooms your guests will see.

There’s no need of cleaning the bedroom if your guests are only going to be in the living room. Focus on the areas they are going to pass through the house. The hallway, dining room, and possibly the kitchen are the main spots where you should clean up. Don’t spend the scarce valuable time you have on rooms they won’t even take a look at.

Clear away the clutter.

There isn’t usually much time to clear the clutter away in a nice way, so you just have to make sure that you put everything in baskets behind closed doors (make sure you don’t leave it like this and declutter it when you have time).

Add a pleasant smell.

Scent your living space with a spray, a fragranced candle, or a diffuser and you will be surprised with the difference they make. Your home will definitely feel much cleaner when it smells good, and your guests will notice that immediately.

how to make your house look cleaner

Clean the floors.

There’s certainly not enough time to vacuum when your guests are on their way, so quickly grab the broom or a wet towel and clean the dusty floors in an instance. Your home will look cleaner immediately even though you didn’t have time to do the regular cleaning.

Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

Your kitchen will look much cleaner when you insert your dishes into the dishwasher. When you do that wipe the countertops. If you don’t have a dishwasher, hide the dishes in the oven. Just don’t forget to take them out before you turn the oven on. In case you can do either, stack them by size, and they will look much organized although they are still unwashed.

Flip the couch cushions.

Have you noticed that there are stains on the cushions of the couch just before your guests enter the door. Flip them over on the other side and don’t even bother to clean them now. Here’s a smart tip that you are going to love: keep one side of the cushion “an everyday side” and the other “a guest’s side”, so the latter one will be clean all the time.

how to fake a clean house

Don’t skip the bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the rooms that should look clean when visitors come to your place. A dirty bathroom is the biggest crime in your home, so make sure you find time to clean it up before guests arrive. That may involve inserting bleach in the toilet, wiping the mirrors, and rinsing the sink. Put the dirty clothes in the baskets and don’t forget to clean the floor. Replacing the wet and dirty towel with clean ones is a good idea as well.

Turn on the ambiance lighting.

Don’t even think about lighting every possible lamp in the house. In this way, your guests will have the opportunity to spot every stain and mess. Instead, set ambient lighting and they will feel cozy and comfortable in your home too. If you keep the curtains closed they can’t see the smudged windows as well.

Keep the doors of the rest of the rooms closed.

There’s no need to leave the doors open and let your visitors see the mess inside, isn’t there? Be a little bit mysterious, and don’t let them snoop around. By closing the doors, it will be the same as you have cleaned them. A not-seen mess is no mess, right?

how to make your house look spotless

In the end, your guests won’t bother much whether your home is clean or not, but they will be glad that they have seen you happy and content. Although these tips on how to make your house cleaner are mind-blowing, don’t stress yourselves over if you can’t manage to do them all. True friends won’t find your messy home offensive, will they?

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