How to Match Eyeglass Frames to Your Face & Lifestyle

Choosing the right eyeglasses is a huge decision. Not only do they have to be functional and do a good job, but it also really helps if they match your skin tone, face shape, and even your lifestyle. There’s no point in wearing glasses that simply aren’t functional.

Match Eyeglass Frames to Your Face

There are so many different types of frames available, and you can even potentially use apps to check what they will look like on your face.

Eyeglasses and Face Shape

When you buy a new pair of eyeglasses, you want them to look fantastic. Even if the glasses are fantastic in their design, if you don’t match up to the right face shape then you may not look as good as if you make another buying decision.


Understanding your face shape and how this has an impact on the type of glasses you buy makes a huge difference. Below, we explain what can look good depending on the face shape you have.

Round Face (and frames to avoid)

A round face will often look good with quite harsh lines, which can mean rectangular frames. Square glasses and pronounced frames can help to balance out with the softer look of an otherwise round face. Avoid round frames as they will likely make the face look even rounder.

Oval Face (and frames to avoid)

If you have an oval face, then you might well have the easiest time choosing and buying eyeglasses when compared to others. An oval face can work well with the majority of types of frames, as it usually means you have a pretty balanced face. This means you have the chance to get a little creative with styles. There aren’t really specific styles that you have to avoid.

Square Face (and frames to avoid)

A square face with angular features can be softened by choosing rounder frames, or at least those with rounded edges. This can help to balance the look of your face. If you already have square and angular features such as a pronounced jawline and high cheekbones, avoid rectangular glasses.

Heart-Shaped Face (and frames to avoid)

If you have a heart-shaped face, the mission is usually to avoid the upper part of your face looking wider, so avoid slim rectangular glasses which will do exactly that. Instead, wider glasses to suit the face shape can work, but don’t go too wide, as this can also accentuate the top half of the face.

Lifestyle and Your Glasses

When we try on glasses we might think they look absolutely great, but if you don’t opt for something that is just not practical. This can leave you regretting the decision you made.

Eyeglasses For Business

If you are looking for eyeglasses for business, you will probably want to go for something that looks professional. The shape doesn’t matter too much for this, but having something that can give off the right image is.

Try to opt for business styles that are in rich and darker colors like mahoganies and even just a simple black frame. Of course, you need the eyeglasses to be suitable for your use and for your own specific prescription, and this is crucial.

There are certain designs that could be described as “executive” eyewear, and this is the sort of look you might want to go for in your work life.

Fashionista Eyeglasses

If you’re a fashionista and you are keen for the best-looking glasses then you might be able to opt for purely what looks good. Sometimes fashion comes first, right? Make sure you have some eyeglasses to go with your outfits, and it also makes sense to have some versatile glasses in a simple black color as these will go with many different outfits.

Eyeglasses for Students

Students may not have the most disposable income, so often, the eyeglasses should be functional but also not overly expensive. It’s great that there is so much choice out there and even multi buy deals that can save you money.

Students may not have to worry too much about looking professional all the time, which means that you might be able to experiment a little bit more with different looks and choose something that represents your personality first and foremost.

Eyewear for the Busy Mom or Dad

Eyeglasses for a mom or dad that has a lot to do in their daily routine need to be particularly durable. This means that you will want to consider just how robust the glasses actually are. It may not make sense to buy incredibly expensive glasses either, as you never know when your child is going to yank them off your face and decide to treat them as a chew toy or throw them across the room.

Durability and functionality should be considered here, and it may even be worth having a couple of pairs of more affordable glasses to wear when you are doing housework or looking after the kids.


There are plenty of opportunities to represent your personality, but you should always consider things like your lifestyle, budget, and what sort of style will actually suit your look. Even if you like a pair of glasses you see, they might not necessarily suit you, so you need to match up a pair to your own face and style.

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