How Women Are Treated in the Modern World: Infographic Stats

Many throughout the world – both men and women – come together to fight for gender equality. Their goal is to bring light to the violence and mistreatment towards women around the globe, sharing solutions to put a stop to these issues. Everyone can take part as we raise awareness of how women are treated in the modern world.

Gender equality is a basic human right, but women fall short on this. Women face a persistent gap when it comes to opportunities, from economic participation to political representation. It is true that things are a lot better now than before. However, global mistreatment to women is still rampant today. Statistics show the state of women health and the grim situations they often face each day.

In the infographics below, you will find all the relevant statistics that will show the kind of mistreatment a lot of women find themselves in, from genital mutilation to domestic violence. The worse thing is that even with modern society’s women empowerment, the conspiracy of silence remains. Many women choose to stay silent, instead of fighting back, often because of cultural norms.

Ensuring that women are given the same opportunities as men are critical in helping them reach their full potential. It is not only crucial for gender equality, but also in supporting numerous development goals in and out of their country. If women are empowered, you give them more chances to contribute to the good of their families, the community, their countries, and the world.

It all starts with education. Gender equality means that both men and women are given equal power and opportunities. It applies to both gender’s education, financial status, and personal development. To do that, learning about the circumstances that women often find themselves in is a must. In this infographic, we explore how countries around the globe perform in helping women live better lives.

Many problems arise when we don’t treat women as equal human beings. These issues are not easy to tackle, but we can start by standing up for ourselves.

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