Clever interior design hacks to enchant your home

Have you ever dreamt of living in a magical forest, surrounded by animals that are both friendly and tasty? When we were mere kids, our knowledge about the world of adults was almost non-existent. We didn’t imagine that to amass enough money to buy your own home you would have to toil for many years. Or, take out a mortgage. We didn’t know that much about property laws either.

Although most of us didn’t manage to make our childhood fantasies come to life, there are ways to make your home look more glamorous. How? This article will show you how to, through inexpensive means, add some magical touch to your home. Let’s go!

Focus on the essentials!

Some people thrive in an environment that is as disorderly as possible. Having everything within arm’s reach is pretty convenient if you have the necessary skills to navigate the chaos, but it may not exactly look good.

If your main focus is on esthetics, you would be better off not trying to fill every possible space with as many elements as possible. Maximalists among us would surely disagree, but sometimes the less is more. It doesn’t mean that your room has to look like a cell of a 13th-century monk. Instead, try to hide the things that are either non-essential or don’t complement the rest of the room well.

More is more!

Alternatively, you can completely disregard the previous piece of advice and put your trust in “more is more”. When writing that “the path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom” William Blake may not have been writing about maximalism, but it fits so perfectly.

Are you satisfied with making the interior design of your home an element that will stay somewhere in the background of your life? No, no; you want your senses to be continuously assaulted by vivid colours that will make your head spin as if you were reading Pynchon’s novel.

Combine lively geometric patterns, stark contrast, and bright colours if you want to keep alive the kid that’s inside of you that just wants more, and make your guests question your sanity!

Not enough space?

If you sometimes feel a little bit claustrophobic in your own home, you may need to make use of several tricks. If you can’t make it bigger, you can at least make it look like its bigger.

If you aren’t easily scared at night, you should invest in some mirrors. If you place them near the lamps, your room will look like it’s significantly bigger and brighter. Just avoid gazing into them at night.

If your apartment is really small you should be using every surface, every dead space to your advantage. Hang shelves in places that were previously shelf-less. If Euclidean geometry allows for it, you can put a little cabinet, like the one that you can find at anywhere you want, with no shame.

Ideally, most of your furniture should be foldable. A Foldable chair, a foldable table, a foldable bed – they are your friends! It might not be all the rage but imagine all the extra space.

No limits

Are you a fan of home redecorations with not that much money to spend? One way of dealing with this problem is to purchase items that will work well with different types of spaces. This way, if you decide to change the decor, you can just use the items from the other rooms without spending a dime!

It’s even better to purchase items that not only fit into several rooms, but that can even serve several functions. As homes are getting smaller and smaller, every bit of additional space is worth fighting for. You don’t need a nightstand – a small dresser can serve this function just as well.

Be imaginative!

Think outside the box! One way of making your room a little bit more magical is to make use of not unusual items but in a new, daring way. Do you have an old ladder that you don’t use? Use bright colours to paint it and then make a shelf out of it! If you think that removing rust from your book would be an ultimately unsuccessful endeavour, then just use it differently. With a little bit of creativity, you can attach flower pots to it, which will add some magic to your room.

Just do it

Some changes may seem too drastic, but you shouldn’t worry about accidentally mixing styles that should stay unmixed. If, after you complete your home redecorations project, your senses and flatmates signal their disapproval, fear not. Nothing in this world is permanent, especially when it comes to interior design. Learn from your mistakes, and eventually, you’ll find a style that suits you, and that no one finds esthetically offensive.

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