Incredible Way To Brighten Up Your Garden With Clever Repurposed Pallet Planter

Spring is already here and the sun also. So the perfect time maybe of take care about your garden. We understand that all of do not have big backyard for enjoying in big gardens and for that reason we have searched on the web to find some clever DIY project that can be useful for all for those who has a house and for those who leave in flat also. We found something amazing and very very adorable. Yes we found cute tip to transform your old pallet into fantastic garden planter and start celebrating the spring.
For creating this you do not need a lot of skills, just you need an old pallet little effort and wish for creating awesome vertical planter. First you’ll want to reinforce the slats, and nail some 1″x4″s to the shelves and a 2″x4″ to the bottom for additional support. Then give your pallet a paint job (any leftover paint you have lying around should do the trick!), and use a staple gun to attach black gardening plastic to the back and the bottom of the shelves. Finally, stencil a cute gardening quote on the front for an inspiring finishing touch. Enjoy!

1source2source3source      full step-by-step instructions

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