Interior Design Tips to Sell Your House Faster

Are you planning to sell your house? Have you met some potential clients for the house? If you have, then you probably know the significance of interior design.

Many people looking to buy houses only want to spend money on a house that is appealing. Picking the right interior design will ensure your house attracts many prospective buyers.

If you are sitting there wondering how to sell a house fast, here are some interior design tips that may come in handy:

Good lighting

Good lighting can transform the look of a place and make it look more lively and full of life. Even the most stylish rooms might look dull and unattractive with poor lighting. Seeded glass pendant lights are very trendy and will appeal to many potential home buyers

Check the light bulbs of the house and determine whether they are cold, harsh, soft, or atmospheric. Accent lights add mood and depth into the atmosphere while warm lighting is associated with comfort and relaxation. Cool lighting, on the other hand, gives off a more energetic mood. Avoid harsh lighting (fluorescent lighting) because it might compromise the personality of a room.


Before inviting clients to come view the house, ensure that it is clean. Scrub off any stains in the walls, clean the windows and the floor. Let the house look sparkling and smell nice. Clean things appear new and this will greatly help in selling the house.

Thoroughly clean the basement as well as the compound. Cut down any overgrown grass and get rid of all pests, such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, and mice, that may be around or within the house.


Good scent has the power to improve the mood in a room. Use scents associated with cleanliness to give the house a nice clean smell. Do not use strong scents because this may drive away clients who are sensitive to certain smells. Make it as mild as possible. Wisely choose a fragrance that will give your home a refreshing, relaxing, and clean scent.


Attractive walls make clients visualize how they will arrange the house. By making the client imagine himself or herself already in the house, you increase their probability of buying your house.

Unique wallpapers and accent walls will do the trick. Go for different colors like mauve, mid grey, latte, and other similar colors. Ensure you balance the colors throughout the house to give it a consistent flow. This will attract people to your house and you may end up closing the sale.

Accent walls are also very helpful when selling your house. They give the house an allure that wallpapers cannot. Create an accent wall at strategic positions like in the living room and bedroom so that it can catch the attention of the client with ease.

Go green

An empty house can sometimes appear abandoned. Place green plants at certain positions within the house like the living room, balcony, and bathroom. Green plants and freshly cut flowers will give the house a modern edge.

Plants add life and succulence to the house, thus giving it a relaxing fresh atmosphere that your clients will surely appreciate.

First impression

What is the first impression of your clients before they even step inside the house? How your house looks on the outside will determine the client’s first impression. As such, be sure to trim the hedges, pick all the fallen leaves, remove any dirt or papers from the compound, mow the grass, and do everything else you have to do to tidy the place. The same goes for the backyard too.

If the house has broken windows, roof, doors, or any exterior parts that require repair, make sure to fix them all up. No client will be willing to buy a house that seems broken down.

First impression counts.

Final assessment

Before you allow anyone to view the house, go over it room by room and ensure that everything is in order. If the house still has furniture, arrange it well, make all the beds, and do all the dishes. If the viewing will be during the day, ensure that the curtains are open and light can naturally flow into the house. If it is during the evening, close all the curtains and turn the lights on to give the place a beautiful glow. Keep all the doors open so that people can move from one room to another easily during the tour.

With the above tips, you will close the sale of that house easily and move on to bigger and better projects.

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