Make Up Cleaning Tricks That Every Woman Should Know

Women enjoy being beautiful, and they know very well how important make up is for keeping their outside beauty. They pay a lot of attention when buying the appropriate make up products, but what after buying them and using them for a while? In order to have your make up well organized and always clean, we are going to present you few most important tricks and hacks, that will keep your makeup bag, brushes and other make up products always clean.

1. Always pay attention on the expiration date of any make up you have in your make up bag, especially foundation or compact powder, because using these products beyond expiration day can cause some skin irritations and breakouts.

2. Pay attention to the lifetime of eye makeup products, such as mascara and eyeliner, because most of them last six months, and after the expiration date they can cause a sty. So, if you have some expired eyeliners or mascaras at home, immediately replace them with new ones.



3. You don’t need to throw the brushes after few uses, but all you have to do is to clean them more often. Clean them every week to get rid of germs.

4. You should always keep your beauty sponges at home, instead of in a makeup bag. That way they will have the chance to dry after use and will be less likely to start smell or pick up some germs.

5. Always keep your makeup bag clean. If not possible, then try to change it at least twice in a year. Also, always try to buy smaller makeup bag, that will have enough space to keep all your make up products in it, and that can perfectly fit your bag.


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