Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home

Summer time periods are one of the most favorable periods for ants. Whether you live in a house or apartment, the ants will find their way to get to your home. Remnants of food is what attracts the ants most into your kitchen. After they notice a small piece of food using their telepathic communication, one swarm will settle in, and your daily guests will be your unpleasant guests. Ants do not appear only in the kitchen, they simply appeared everywhere in your house, in the toilet, in the bedroom, on the terrace, or in places where there are conditions for what they are looking for. The most favorable conditions for the appearance of ants are places where there is the most moisture, places that are not cleaned regularly, places that are not well insulated, and where they have access to food. We are all convinced that in most of the homes, this problem is faced daily. So we are here to set you apart in a few ways to get rid of these annoying ants. These are natural, that is, they use natural and everyday ingredients that are not harmful to human health.

Thorough cleaning of the home

If you want to get rid of ants, you should regularly clean your home. Clean up every part of your home with water and tools. Remove all the elements of the kitchen because they are in contact with food daily, the elements in the living room, and wipe the floor beneath them. Also clean all sanitary parts in the toilet, the area under the bathtub.

White acid

Another way to get rid of the ants is by using a white acid. Take a spray bottle and put the same amount of white acid and water, and mix the liquid together. Then scatter to the places where there are ants and to the workbench from the kitchen where there is food. The acid because it evaporates quickly will not have a smell in the house, and the ants will leave because they can not bear this smell.


Cover the antennas with a larger amount of cinnamon. The strong cinnamon odor will neutralize the ants and they will soon disappear.

Kitchen salt

All of you in your kitchens have salt. So take a bowl and place boiling water in it, melt a few tablespoons of kitchen salt. Allow the liquid to cool and place it in a spray bottle. Sparkle from the liquid in places where you spot an antenna trail. Also sprain at the doorstep of the entrance room and the thresholds of all the other doors. Because the ants are not lovers of salted liquid they will not dare enter your home.


Here’s a way to get rid of ants in your home. Take a white chalk, crush it nicely, and with the dust you get, fill the cracks that are favorite spots of the corpses.

All these ways are natural, and do not leave any harmful effects. So do not wait for them to use them immediately if you have ants in your home. The results are unexpected.


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