Selfies Gone Wrong That You Shouldn’t Miss

The good old days, when we were taking pictures of each other are long forgotten. The magic of selfies has taken over the world and it seems like they are here to stay. So, it is not a bad idea, especially if you are not a great selfies fan, to start practicing taking the perfect selfies. After all, you will be in every picture and you do not want to look bad in your pictures, do you? The 4 items that you will need are: a) a photo camera or a phone/ iPad; b) a mirror (preferably the toilet mirror); c) a selfie stick and d) friends (optional). Now you are ready to make every possible kind of selfie photo that you can. But be patient, it does take a lot of time to master this art of photography and believe us, a lot of things can (and will) go wrong.


Now that I mentioned – selfies gone wrong, there is a compilation of 10 selfies that are totally wrong, but somehow ended up on the internet. The owners do have something to be proud of. Scroll down, take a look and have a good laugh. Enjoy, and do not forget to practice and take a look around you cause some photographs can really be deadly.

Selfies Gone Wrong

Over the past few years, selfies have become so popular that the process of taking them has become an art form. Girls always want to make beautiful “selfies”, but, unfortunately, often from hundreds of photos you can choose only one or two really worthy of attention. How to learn to take a beautiful selfieand how to prevent typical mistakes? How to make a beautiful selfie with friends? About that and much more – learn in our article below.

Do you want to post some dangerous photos on social media so everyone can see how strong and brave you are? Did you think that taking a selfie with a bull is a smart thing to do? Watch out because the bill can get angry really quickly and will come to get you immediately. I doubt that you will have time to save your life let alone take a “cool” selfie. You should definitely think twice before doing it!

selfies gone wrong death Source

Has a police officer just stopped you for speeding? The boy and girl thought that it would be fun to photograph the officer as he showed up at their window. I’m not sure he felt the same way! Don’t do that in case you wouldn’t like to make him feel angrier. You may get a higher ticket, so don’t risk your budget just for a selfie.

pictures of selfies gone wrong Source

This girl has put herself to fire. It was probably unintentional and she thought that it would be cool the capture the moment. However, it was not one of her smartest decision. Selfies gone wrong in so many ways!

selfies gone horribly wrong Source

Young people get so hooked on these selfies, and they don’t even think rationally when taking them. Do you think this is a nice way to take a photo with an old lady? I don’t think so!

ridiculous selfies gone wrong Source

Do you have some selfies gone wrong? We’d love to see them, so feel free to share them with us. Maybe they will make us laugh or teach us a lesson.

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