Six Clever DIY Ways To Convert Old Items Into New Useful Things

The first thing that comes on our minds when we have some old items at home is to throw them out right? Well, after seeing the post  below we are sure that you will think twice before deciding to throw an object that you don’t need any more. We have selected sic creative ways to show you how to use old items after converting them in new modern useful items that will make your life easier.

1. Holder from an old fork frame

Who says forks place is just in the kitchen? If you are creative enough, you can use old forks and convert them into a holders for family photos and place it in the living room to decorate your living space.


2. An old object for organizing jewelry

Are you bored of looking for a pair of  earrings for hours just because your jewelry is not organized enough? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to this problem forever, and follow our DIY idea to make your perfect jewelry organizer. Take an old cheese grater and color it in your favorite color. And that’s it. Place your earrings in it and you get it. Your jewelry organizer is done.


3.Vase from an old belt

You were thinking to throw your old belt that you don’t use anymore? Well wrong. Don’t throw things before you think twice on how you can use it once again. And, here is how you can use an old belt. Just put it around and oval vase and you will get a new belt vase  to put fresh flowers in. sounds interesting? Try it now.


4. Old chair to swing

Never throw an old chair even if you think you can’t use it anymore. One way to use an old chair is to convert it into a garden swing that everybody will enjoy, especially the youngest members of the family.


5. Make chairs from old tires

Instead of throwing the old tires, now you can paint them black or whatever color you want and make some creative chairs for garden from them. You and your friends will enjoy sitting in such a comfortable chairs while drinking your Sunday coffee, right?


6.  Fry pan clock

Use your old fry pan that you were thinking to throw and convert  it into a decorative wall clock. It will look decorative and will be useful at the same time, and that it the point right?

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