Smart Towels Storage Ideas That You Are Going To Love

Bathroom organization is very important for a clean and functional space. Are your towels always crowded and you can’t seem to get one out without each one of them falling on the floor? It’s the same situation for me, so today I have decided to look for some creative solutions that will help me with my problem and I thought that it would be nice to share the ideas with you too since they are very useful and they can be used in lots of homes. The Smart Towels Storage Ideas That You Are Going To Love are really versatile and the designs will fit in different bathrooms. I believe that you will be able to find the perfect one for your place, so don’t wait any longer but scroll down and get inspired!

Have you ever considered that there are different types of towels as well? Having a bacteria detecting towel in your bathroom is perfect for you to stay clean and healthy. Mizu towel has color-changing strips that detect residual soap, dirt, sweat, and bacteria metabolites. Plus, its proprietary technology allows it to dry 3x faster than the average towel.

Towel Cabinet

There are tons of towels for every member of the family, so they certainly deserve a spacious storage area. Don’t hesitate to add a special cabinet just for them. Think whether an open or closed one will work better for you.

towels storage cabinets

Repurposed Changing Table

If your babies have outgrown the changing table, it’s time to put it to good use again. It will find its perfect place in the bathroom holding your towels. Add other decorative items to it and make it a lovely show stopper.

bath towel ideas


Ladder storage ideas manage to fascinate m greatly. Do you see how this ladder perfectly fits between the two sinks and holds the towels in an amazing way?

ladder towel storage

Hotel-Inspired Storage

This hotel-inspired storage is great for small bathrooms. You can use the space above the toilet seat in a super smart way and use it efficiently for storage.

how to store towels

Glass Shelves

If you are not sure which towel storage design will fit with the rest of the decor in your bathroom, you should definitely go for the glass shelves.

glass shelves storage

Wine Rack

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can move the wine rack to the bathroom and give it a completely different life? You are going to love it, believe me! Your towels will be within the reach of the hand and even your guests can reach for them without having to wonder which towel they should use.

wine rack towel storage

Door Rack

Be smart and make use of the space behind the door. Invest in some door racks and have your towels stored and displayed here. This is an amazing idea for small spaces and tiny bathrooms.

door towel storage

Wall-Attached Baskets

Baskets are truly spectacular when it comes to storage. You can use them anywhere in lots of different ways. What do you say about hanging them on the wall? Get different sizes of baskets for different sizes of towels and organize them accordingly. Don’t you just love the visual effect that they give on the photo below?

wall towel storage


There’s something about storage bins that I love so much! They look amazing in the bathroom and make it more polished and neat. They don’t cost much, so it’s worth getting one or more. They are surely going to keep all your towels in place. Just roll them and insert them in the bins.

basket towel storage

Above-The-Door Storage

Every inch of the space above the bathroom door can be used for towel storage. This is a wonderful design to consider if you are feeling short on space. You have to be extremely creative with towels storage especially in small areas.

bathroom towel storage


If you have shelves feel free to store your towels in open storage. You use them on a daily basis, so you will wash them regularly. In this way, you will avoid dusty towels.

towel storage basket

Mobile Toiletry

towel organizer

Magazine Rack

Yeah, the magazine rack is perfect for the bathroom as well when it comes to storage. Be creative and use everything that comes to mind and that can get the job done in an innovative way.

towel storage unit

Build-In Shelves

This design is not for those who aren’t in the mood for huge renovating projects, but it’s a great idea to consider when building a new bathroom. The built-in shelves don’t make the bathroom overcrowded. Instead, they make everything connected and perfectly fitted in.

towel storage rack

I hope that you have found a way to store and organize your towels in a wonderful way thanks to these inspiring and useful ideas that will find their fit in every home. What’s your preferred way to store towels? Share it with us!

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