Is A Rooftop AC Unit An Option For A Residential Home?

A rooftop AC unit is an option for a family home when you want to cool the house efficiently, save space, and use special technologies that rely on wind or solar power. You have a few options when you installing something like an Intellipak unit, and you should talk through all these things with your installer before buying anything.

  1. What Are These Units Like?

An Intellipak unit could be placed on your roof in any location, and they are made in small sizes because they could also cool something like a small office. You might not have considered that you could get something this small, and you should ask your installer if they can find a place to put the unit. They can either hide the unit on your roof, or you could place the unit in a spot that makes it seem to be a part of the house’s original design.

The units are very short because they only need one fan, and they have enough surface area that you can use them for both wind and solar power. You should ask your installer if they have an option for you that makes sense for your house, and they will climb on the roof to show you where it could go. You could even get something that looks like it was made for your home, painted to match the home, and installed to match up with your current HVAC system.

The flashing and ducting can be converted on this part of the roof, and your installer will move those ducts into the house to help push air where it needs to go. The unit tends to be more powerful than normal, and it will work well when cooling the whole house so that you do not need a downstairs and upstairs unit.

  1. How Tall Are These Units?

The units could be fairly tall if they are meant to cool a home that is up to 5000 square feet. You could get something half the size to cool a standard home that is about 2500 square feet. You should ask the installer which unit they would use, and they will create a plan for the installation that makes the most sense.

  1. How Big Could Your House Be?

There are many contemporary homes that are very large, offer you more than enough space for the family, and have roof space for the AC unit. You could drop these units on the roof because there are flat spots that work best for you. There are a number of homes that could use a rooftop AC unit because you want to have finished areas all over the house that are best for everyone.

You should ask about these rooftop units when you are building a brand new home, or you could have your current home adjusted to fit the new unit. You must be sure that you have asked for a few locations where you could put the unit, and you might need to ask the company if they can sketch what the house will look like when they are done.

  1. Removing The Old Unit

Removing the old unit is fairly simple because the technician will clear space in your house, close up all the different pipes in the rooms, and allow you to finish that room for another purpose. Ask your installer how they can do this for you, and you will start to feel as though you have more space in your home, do not hear the unit, and do not need to worry about leaks from the drip pan.

  1. Special Leak Protection

You will get special leak protection from these units because they sit on the roof, have their own drip pan, and you can have that pan attached to a hose that drips water off the side of the house. This is a much safer way to manage units like this, and you will notice that the majority of these units are never in need of inspection during the course of the year. You can have a service technician come to your location, but you do not need to check the unit yourself.

  1. Wind Power

There are special units that will use a special wind turbine to power the device. This means that you can store power in a battery pack from wind that passed through the area, and that same wind will cool the unit so that it does not overheat when you need a lot of AC in the summer. Wind power is just one small part of going green around your house, but it is very effective.

  1. Solar Power

You could have a solar panel attached to your rooftop AC unit that will collect power from the sun during the day so that you can run that unit all night long. The solar power panel that you get is very efficient, and it helps you save money because you are not uses the house’s main power supply to run your AC unit. These units usually have the solar panel attached to the surface so that they do not stick out, and the solar power panel will collect so much power that your device is running on excess power most of the time.

  1. Easy Servicing

The rooftop unit that you have bought is easy to service because it has a special service door that you can open when climbing on the roof. The technician that comes to your home can open the service door, check everything, and test the unit without doing anything too dangerous. Plus, you can climb on the roof to check service lights through the service door. This is ugh simpler than a traditional unit that usually has a panel you would never want to remove on your own.

  1. Comparable Pricing

The rooftop unit that you purchase is the same price as any other unit you would have put in your home. However, the rooftop unit only has one structure. You do not need to buy the internal unit and the external fan. These devices do all their work in one place, and you can easily attach the ducts in the house to the new device. Your installer can make again your roof with the proper flashing, secure the unit, and explain the work they have done.

  1. The Unit Is Out Of Site

You need a rooftop unit when you do not want to look at the unit or be responsible for checking up on the unit. You could get something that is hidden away on the roof, and you will never hear it make noises. You are never forced to listen to the AC unit rumble and blow. Plus, the unit will not wake you up in the middle of the night or startle you when it turns on in the middle of the day.

  1. Conclusion

The rooftop AC unit that you have put on your home is just like the unit that you put on an office. These units come in smaller sizes, and they are very easy to maintain because they have a service door. You could have a special service scheduled for these devices, and you can connect them to the ducts that are already in the house. The unit is out of sight, and it is out of mind when you put it on the roof. You might even run this device with solar power, wind power, or the electricity from the house.

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