The Biggest Bedroom Decorating Trends For 2020

Home decorating has always been a very serious project. Decorating the space you live in according to some rules that create a harmonic atmosphere is very important because we spend the most of our day at home and it is important to live in a place where there is harmony  and peace. in this article we are presenting you the biggest trends for 2020 for decorating your bedroom, the place where we spend around one third of our whole life.

 Natural materials in the bedroom furnishings

One of the biggest trends for bedroom furnishing for 2020 is the use of natural materials for the sleeping furniture. The best, despite the fact that it looks so luxurious and modern, about the wooden furniture is that it is totally health harmless which is very important especially in this epoch of formaldehyde rich materials.


Trend colors 2020 for the bedroom

Colors play the major role in decorating a home, so it is not surprising the fact that when people design their bedroom they pay a lot of attention on the colors. The trend colors for decorating a bedroom for 2020 are the following ones:

Yellow: definitely the color that radiate positivism and warm energy. Yellow and other yellow close shades form the color palette, such as gold ocher, mustard yellow and sun yellow are perfect for a bedroom if your bedroom lucks sun light in the morning. You don’t need to paint all the walls in yellow, but you can paint at least one wall in yellow shades so that you will get some extra motivation boost when getting up in the morning.

Rose quartz and gray-blue: these broken pastel shades and colors convey an aura of calm and relaxation, so people that want to relax in the bedroom after strenuous days choose these colors to decorate their bedroom or to paint some walls in it. The best ways to use these shades  ( together or separately) is to insert some curtains, decorative pillows or bed linen colored in any of these colors.

White: the eternal color representing calm, peace and pureness. The newest trends for 2020 bedroom decorations use this color to create a calming atmosphere from the bedroom, that way using white shades for the furnishing and the decorating. That means that all the unnecessary colored items are switched with white ones.


Furniture and decoration in the bedroom

The central part of every bedroom is the bed itself. The newest trends tend to underline those beds with a large soft headboard, as they are more comfortable if you want to use your bed for activities such as reading a book or watching a movie. The bed itself must be comfortable too, because you should have in mind that you spend the third part of your day. The newest trends for bedroom decoration put the accent on the minimalism, so despite the bed you didn’t need to furnish the bedroom too much. If you use your bedroom as a workplace too then you can add some small worktable in the room. Finish the whole look with decorations such as candles, wall photos or other small decorations on the table and voila you have the perfectly decorated bedroom.


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