Top 7 Interesting Photography Facts

When it comes to photography, most everyone loves art, whether they are taking photos or just admiring them. The history of photography is quite interesting, and the art form has changed drastically over the past few decades. Learning more about photography via a few unique facts can help you to have a better understanding of how the activity came to be and where it will go from here.

French Scientist Takes First Photo

Joseph Micephore Niepce took the very first photograph ever back in 1826 with a camera obscura. The image took a whopping eight hours to capture due to long exposure and the image was lost for almost 50 years before historians located it.

Kodak Company Founded

One of the most well-known companies associated with photography is Kodak. This company was founded in 1888 and was named Kodak for no real reason. The creator, George Eastman, stated that the used the letter K in the name due to it being a strong and incisive letter.

Using Dangerous Chemicals

When photography first began, photographers were using harmful chemicals to develop the photos. Such chemicals included lye, mercury, nitrate and silver, among others. Dangerous chemicals caused photographers to become ill due to exposure.

Going Digital

When technology began to change, cameras no longer needed film and offered digital option. The first digital camera weighed eight pounds and was created by Steve Cesson in 1975. At the time, Cesson worked for Kodak and was told to keep the innovation a secret.

Scope Technology

One of the most popular forms of photography today includes digiscoping. This type of method involves using binoculars or a spotting scope with a digital camera to capture an image from a long-distance away. Such companies as Phone Skope provide technology that can be used with tablets, GoPros or smartphones to capture images of things from far away. The amazing technology is enjoyed by birders to capture various species as well as nature photographers for landscape scenes.

Printing Photos a Bygone Activity

Decades ago, when photographs were taken, the film was developed. You wanted to have the photos on hand to look at them and enjoy. Today, for every 10 images taken, only two are developed. With technology allowing us to hold on to photographs via tablets, the cloud, smartphones and other devices, printing has become a thing of the past.

Smartphones vs Cameras

Because smartphones are so developed, consumers are using their phones more to take photos rather than camera devices. With smartphones, users can hold on to their photos, print photos, place them on social media, basically do whatever they want. Smartphones are used for everyday life, so it is more convenient to carry the phone around rather than a phone and a camera.

Photography has come a long way over the past few decades, even years. If you have any interest in photography or i you want to see some good examples of Universal photographer, learning more about the art form helps you to enjoy the activity even more. Take time to investigate a bit, looking at the first photos ever taken via an online search and you can easily see just how far the art form has come!

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