The Most Common Challenges That You Might Face at Work

Although you might want your working life to go smoothly at all times, the occasional problem is inevitable since many people spend the majority of their waking lives at work. However, problems do not have to be insurmountable, and there are many steps that you can take to overcome the issues that you have to face. Then, here are some of the most common challenges that you might face at work and what you should do about them.


In the increasingly high-pressure working world, stress has become common. Although most people associate the workplace with stress, you should not accept any signs and symptoms of stress as normality. Instead, stress should be treated as quickly as possible so that you can return to working at your best and prevent the development of mental health problems. Then, if you are starting to get headaches, feel exhausted, experience chest and muscle pain, or have high blood pressure, you might be feeling stressed and you should seek medical advice or follow some methods to de-stress. You might also talk to your manager about the stress that you are experiencing, and take steps to prevent stress from occurring, such as taking time off. Some professions have higher rates of stress than others, though, and these include healthcare and counselor stress. You should be particularly aware of your stress levels if you work within these professions.


Although you might think that you left bullying in the playground, bullying in the workplace exists and can be serious, leaving victims with a lack of self-esteem and confidence and making them reluctant to go to work. This can then impact your work performance and mean that you struggle to progress. If you experience bullying in the workplace, you should speak to your manager about the bullying or chat to someone in HR about if your company has a large HR department. You should also record your experiences when they happen to you. You should also research your company’s position and policies on bullying. This will allow you to stop the bullying in its tracks and ensure that you do not get pushed out of your dream job because of a bully.

Too Much Work

Even if you adore your job, you might soon find yourself overwhelmed with too much work that you might struggle to complete by certain deadlines. This can increase your stress levels and make you miss out on time with your family and doing your hobbies. Then, you should try to stop huge workloads in their tracks before they become regular occurrences. For instance, you should look at your job description to check whether the responsibilities in question fall to you, or consider delegating the work, especially if you are a team leader. You should also try not to be afraid to ask for help or a deadline extension if you are worried about completing the amount of work in time. You should also make sure that you download a time management and organization app as these can solve the issue if it is caused by your struggle to spread out your workload.

Lack of Recognition

Although you might feel as if you can stay motivated at work without any external validation, a lack of recognition can make it difficult for some people to stay engaged with their role, especially as this could mean that they are not promoted or do not progress at the rate that they would like. You might feel overlooked and as if your voice is not heard, and this can make you feel as if you are dispensable. Then, you can try to get more recognition at work by offering to lead projects, utilizing your appraisals and performance reviews, cultivating a better relationship with your manager and your colleagues, and attending employee events. You should also try to speak up more at meetings and in group situations as this can ensure that your ideas are taken into consideration and that you can prove and exemplify your skills and knowledge about your industry.


Discrimination is still rife within the workplace and can prevent people from being able to progress or to feel comfortable at work. So then, if you think that you are being discriminated against due to your age, gender, race, sexuality, or disability, you should check your rights in the workplace, file a complaint, look at the compensation that you might be entitled to, and ask your employer about any adjustments that you may need to be able to work effectively if you have a disability.

No Progression

A lack of career progression can be frustrating, especially if you are trying your best to get a promotion and to prove your worth to your manager. Then, you should try to encourage progression by telling your manager about your goals and making your aims clear, by taking up leadership opportunities and honing your skills outside of work, or by taking an online degree. You might also consider looking for a new job at a different company if the company that you currently work for simply has little opportunity for you to progress. This can prevent your career from stagnating and can ensure that you are not being stopped from progression by barriers that are not your fault.

Dealing with workplace challenges can be difficult, especially if you are worried about keeping your job or if you do not get on well with your manager. Although you should try not to stay in a job which you are unhappy with or that is affecting your mental health negatively, first, this guide details some of the best ways that you can aim to overcome these issues and improve your workplace experience for you and others who are in the same position as you. Then, you will be able to enjoy a positive working experience where you can excel and cultivate your future success in the company and your field.

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