The Most Unusual Roads From All Over The World

Now i’ m writing some unusual post for unusual roads from all over the world  but however  for me  is a litle bit hard to belive that those roads really exist but they are real .Looks so spectacular and amazing i have found those post here this is the franch blog and some of the names are in franch  but looks so so amazing and stunning .

1 – Autoroute 1, Big Sur, Californie


2 – Col de la Furka, Suisse 2

3 – La route de l’Atlantique, Norvège 3 4

4. White Rim Road, parc national de cannyolands, Utah 5

5. Route de montagne de Tianmen, Hunan, Chine 6 7

6. Seven Mile  Bridge, Keys, Floride 8

7. Montagne de Chapman’s Peak, Le Cap, Afrique du Sud  9

8. Col du Stelvio, Alpes orientales centrales, Italie 10

9. Col de Turini, France 11

10. Route du tunnel de Guoliang, Chine 12

11. Denali highway, Route 8, Alaska 13

12. Route de Karakorum, frontière Chinoise/Pakistanaise 14

13. Great ocean road, Australie 15

14. Col de Sani, KawaZulu Natal, Afrique du Sud 16

15. Route 40, Argentine 17

16. Going to the sunset road, parc national du Glacier, Montana 18

17. Gorges du Dadès, Haut Atlas, Maroc 19
18. Route 550 « The million dollar highway », Colorado Million Dollar Highway

19. Trollstigen, Rauma, Norvège 21

20. Côte Amalfitaine, Italie Amalfi Coast, Road to Sorrento

21. Route de Transfagaras, Roumanie Wide view over the northern Transfagarasan


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