The Pros and Cons of Finding Homes for Sale Online

Are you looking for a new home right now? Are you planning to move soon? Or you might be so busy, going to open houses seems to be not the best idea. Well, fortunately, as technology continues to advance, we can now do more and more things on the Internet, if not everything. The Internet has given us more platforms for everything: communication, learning, leisure, entertainment, shopping, and more. If you have a smartphone, you can quickly type on the world wide web and find houses for sale. You’ll be surprised to find different types and styles of homes available through various online platforms.

Homes for Sale Online

Finding homes through online listings

There are certain advantages and disadvantages when you shop for homes online. To better guide you on whether you should do so or not, here are some of the pros and cons of finding homes being sold online:



It is one of the reasons why online shopping, in general, has become a more popular choice. Especially now, with the continuous transmission of the COVID-19 virus, it is more advisable to stay at home than to drive to places to look for houses. Most homes and rental properties are listed online. You won’t have to spend much time dealing with real estate agents. What they have to offer may also be limited to what is available online. You can be on your sofa, a bus, waiting for your child at cello practice and scroll on your phone to find available homes.

Narrowing down to specifics

You can find most of the information on anything on the Internet. If you want to know about the neighbourhood of the house, you can check them with a few clicks on your phone, a search box, and the Internet. Suppose you have specific preferences on the location of your house-to-be, such as Rockingham County. In that case, you can find a list of homes for sale in Rockingham County, NC, through various kinds of online platforms like websites. You can have particular preferences and still be able to find a house that fits them perfectly.


Shopping for online houses allows you to converse with the home seller directly, and this can save a lot of time when you don’t have to travel and go to open houses. You can scroll through feeds and timelines without having to take much time going from one home to another.


As much as online house shopping saves time, it also saves you money. Instead of hiring a real estate agent, you can buy lists of houses for sale online. The price is nothing compared to how much you’ll be paying to your agent. You can even find homes without paying anything. More so, the cost of travelling to different houses to check them can also add to your expenses. This can be impractical when the place you’ll be moving to is much far from where you currently live.


Expectation vs Reality

People can exaggerate how the house looks in photos and edit them. The pictures they’ll take and the descriptions they’ll make will only focus on the home’s positive qualities that can easily convince you to consider the house. They can also post pictures of homes when they were newly built until you go to the house and see how much it has deteriorated. Going to the place you thought would be like in the pictures would then be a waste of time. Make sure to carefully look through images if they’re updated, so when you visit, you’ll arrive at a listed house wherein you have accurate expectations.

Lacking Information

Some home sellers may not disclose certain information online. At times, you’ll find yourself in the dark in evaluating the house. Online sellers should provide a floor plan. If there isn’t, you won’t know whether the house’s layout is suitable for you, your family, or your lifestyle. You can shoot the seller a message and hope they will answer your questions. There is not much information about the community or neighbourhood around the area. You won’t get a real sense of the street or place, whether it has nearby shops or convenience stores for emergencies and whatnot.


Beware of scams. Some fraudulent people only put up advertisements to collect personal information from online house shoppers. Most deals that are too good to be true are scams. Do not give any personal or financial information on the Internet.

Real Estate Agents

Agents may know more about the house than how it would be presented on the Internet. They have connections with other agents, so the home being sold might have secrets only agents would know. They’ll be able to tell you when you might have potential neighbours that may not be compatible with you or warn you about upcoming zoning changes. Moreover, agents would understand whether the price is just right for the house or are being ripped off.

There are various factors to consider in finding homes online. Think about what you feel would be best for you. It’s also possible to find homes online and, at the same time, have an agent. Some agents also search online for potential listings. A piece of advice on getting real estate agents is that they should also be active online to offer you more options.

Shopping for houses online is convenient and helpful, especially when you’re planning to move to a faraway place. There are ways you can get around the disadvantages you’re worried about, such as asking your friends or family who have experience shopping for homes online. They’ll be able to direct you to a reliable website or online platform. If they’ve had bad experiences, then they’ll be able to warn you which websites you should not go to. You can also read reviews and testimonials online. With the freedom businesses and companies have in making their products and services available on the Internet, they are also opening themselves to criticisms that people have the freedom as well to share about these companies and firms. It’s essential to find a reputable real estate website that you’ll be able to trust for your online home shopping.

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