Why You Should Automate Your Home

With the advancement in technology over recent years it has meant that it has allowed us to make our homes better places to live in. Thanks to this, we can truly make the most of the time that we spend indoors with family, friends, and loved ones alike.

home automation

Where technology is used to monitor, manage, or run your home through an electronic device, such as a smart phone, this is known as home automation and is a feature of a smart house. Some of the benefits to having your home set up like this include:

Increased Security

For any home owner, keeping their family safe and sound in their property is of their utmost priority. The process of doing this is made easier through the adoption of smart technology throughout the house. Some of the smart devices that are available currently on the market that make your property more secure include motion sensors, cameras, break glass sensors, and security systems. As an alternative to conventional locks for gaining access to your home, there is the option to instead use smart locks that require the use of key cards, finger prints, or PIN codes. Implementing any or all of these devices makes breaking into your home that much more difficult for would be intruders.

With devices such as motion sensors, these can be set up so that they only alert you of movements inside and / our outside of your home at a certain time, such as at night or when you are away on holiday. Once the sensors have been triggered a notification is sent directly to your smart phone or tablet and the lights in your home can be activated to make it appear like someone is inside of the property, scaring away the intruder. These sensors are easily fitted onto doors and windows so that you are made aware if they are broken or opened at all.

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Greater Efficiency

By making your home more efficient when it comes to ventilation, heating, and hot water you will reduce the amount of energy that you use, thus saving you money. Lights can be programmed so that they switch themselves off as soon as someone leaves the room and thermostats can similarly be programmed so that they do not allow the temperature to fall below a certain level. By automating these processes and using the latest devices and appliances that are now more energy efficient than ever, your need for natural gas, water, and electricity will reduce greatly, thus having less of an impact on the planet’s natural resources.

By virtue of having all the technology and appliances in your home connected with one another and the Internet, it means that they are continually monitored. This means that things such as your lights monitor their surroundings and put out the right amount of light that is required, and your heating monitors the internal temperature of the house and adjusts the output accordingly. Again, this will result in energy and, so, money savings. There is also the option to have real time monitoring for energy usage so that you can do your bit to help out the environment.

Greater Comfort

A great feature of owning a smart house is the ability to set it up exactly how you like it. This means having the lights at just the right level of brightness so that you can read or work in ultimate comfort. Depending on how they are integrated into your home, you can even set the speed at which they light up and which particular lights come on when you enter the room. They can even be programmed so that they match your natural circadian rhythm.

You can even programme music to play all around the house when your alarm clock sounds in the morning as a great way of waking you up. Similarly, you can have smart speakers placed throughout your home and all individually programmed so that they play different songs and at different volume levels depending where exactly they are positioned. The temperature level can be kept at the exact perfect one so that you remain comfortable at all times of the day or night.

More Fun

In addition to being all of the above, your fully automated smart home can also be fun to live in. As well as the appropriate level of lighting that you can have set up in each and every room of the house, you can also place some outside of the property and in the garden in order to illuminate the building and show off your beautiful outdoor space. Having music playing throughout the entirety of your house makes it a much more fun place to be in and may even inspire you when performing creative tasks or whilst working from home.

Setting up a home cinema system is a great way of bringing a piece of Hollywood to your house. This can be achieved by linking several different services together, such as dimmable lights, a lowering screen, a projector, and even a pair of closing curtains – all of which can be controlled by the simple switch of a button. For those greenfingered home owners who take pride in looking after their garden so that it can be as good as possible, water sprinklers can be set up with watering systems that have moisture sensors so they know when to automatically administer water depending on the condition of the soil.

Easily Affordable

Although you might think that it would cost the Earth to automate your home, because the use of smart technology has become more widespread throughout the country, the price of such devices and appliances has come right down so that they are affordable for most home owners now. Most also are easy to install and can be done yourself rather than having to get an experienced technician to do it for you.

This means that they are no longer just something that only the super rich can afford – now everyone can reap the benefits of having a smart, automated home.

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